Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unspoken dreams of mothers

All mothers have dreams for our kids.  We dream of them growing up to be successful, prosperous, happy adults who are kind, caring and well-rounded.  We dream for them to do well in school, go to college and get in a degree in something they love.  We dream for them to find that special person, get married and have a beautiful family.  But when you are in the thick of it, when your kids are little...and noisy...and messy; it's hard to see those dreams.  Instead we have other dreams.  Here are some of mine:
I have a dream, that one day, I will be able to take a shower, uninterrupted.
I have a dream, that there will be no crumbs on my floor and that I don't have to sweep and mop after each meal.
I have a dream, that I will be able to food shop, ALONE.
I have a dream that I won't feel like I need 6 different caffeinated beverages a day to keep my eyes open.
I have a dream that my daughter will just comb her hair out without screaming.
I have a dream that I will have a yelling-free household where everyone gets along and shares.
I have a dream that when I prepare a nice, healthy meal; that everyone will eat it.  And like it.
I have a dream that Biscuit would learn to pick up her own poop.
I have a dream when my son asks me to help him build an awesome Lego contraption, he actually plays with it, instead of choosing something else to do the moment I finish it.
I have a dream that my husband and I can go out on a date night at least once a month without having to move Heaven and Earth to make it work.
I have a dream that I could just lose 10 pounds without trying.
I have a dream that my kids will actually sit and watch a whole movie.
I have a dream that when I want to take a picture of my peas, they all look at me and smile without me having to either a) take 1,000 pictures, b) make myself look like a clown or c) a combination of those two.
I have a dream that my 2 year old with just magically wake up potty trained.
I have a dream that a Starbucks will become my neighbor.

Some days are hard, most are LONG, but of course we wouldn't trade them for anything.  But a girl can have dreams, right?? ;)

What are some of your mommy dreams?


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