Saturday, November 24, 2012

teacher christmas presents :)

Ok, so other mommies be prepared to be jealous.  I am hand making all my teacher presents this year.  Normally, since there are multiple teacher's at the preschool, I try to do something that will not cost me an arm and a leg to make and that is also awesome.  I usually do something baked, like cookies, or chocolate dipped pretzels, but this year since I am on a wreath kick, I thought I'd make some for Abby's teacher, Jacob's three teachers and the preschool director. ((Now, I went back and forth about actually posting this because my fellow blogger/runner friend and ALSO one of Jacob's teachers read this blog..but I really wanted to share my awesome wreath, so SURPRISE Ms. Courtney!  This is your Christmas present.  I hope you like it!))

I wanted to make a simple Christmas wreath, not knowing quite sure how everyone decorates for the holidays.  I made a candy cane-esk wreath.

To make this wreath, you will need:
-foam wreath
- red and white sparkly yarn
- red and white felt
- bead decorations
- hot glue, scissors, wire cutters

Wrap the yarn around, alternating red and white.  I wrapped each section and then went backwards and re wrapped it, helping to make it thicker.  Hot glue each end before starting the new color.
I made two folded felt flowers for each wreath, one red and one white.  To make them, cut 6 felt circles for each color.
Hot glue them in half.
Then hot glue them in half again.
Do that to five of the six circles.  Then hot glue four in a circle on the unfolded circle, then one on top of them to make a flower.
Here are the beaded flowers I used.  I cut one sprig from each for each wreath.
Hot glue them down first, then the leaves.  A trick I learned was to tie a piece of yarn to help hold the heavier pieces down.
This way, they will remain steady under the flowers. Glue down the flowers on top and you are done! 
Hopefully they all love them as much as I do!  As soon as I am done with these, I plan on making a Christmas one for me too! :)


Ami said...

Well done! Those are super cute, Michelle!! The teachers will love them!

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