Sunday, November 11, 2012

Abigail E. Thomas- available for hire!

A friend of mine, fellow blogger and Cottonwood kinder teacher extraordinaire Ami, is also doing blog-a-day and she did one post on each of her kiddies, titles The ABC's of _____.  (she has adorable triplets)  I loved this idea and thought I'd put a twist on it for three days Thomas kid blog posts where I'm going to write a faux resume for each pea outlining their unique skills and expertise. 

Here is day one: Abigail's Resume
Abigail Elizabeth Thomas
Thomas Family House, Rita Ranch/Tucson, AZ
contact #- none, not till she is 16.
email- none, again, not till she is 16.

* Completed 2 years of preschool, one year at Acacia Elementary, one year at Cottonwood Elementary.  Special skills acquired: skilled at painting, drawing, playdough and writing journal entries.  Easily makes friends and is very sociable.  Always listens, deathly afraid of wind of bees.
* Graduated with honors kindergarten at Cottonwood Elementary.  Special skills acquired: kicked ass at the bonus word spelling list, reading much above grade level, politely reminds her table mates to put the correct supplies in the proper place in the basket at the table.  Occasionally too social with her best friend Lauren, had no problem telling her long-term sub, when her awesome teacher Mrs. Pearson was out on maternity leave, what to do and what not to do.
* Currently in 1st grade at Cottonwood Elementary.  Continuing to rock it at reading and the challenge spelling list, very helpful and patient, only freaks out is bus is late or make an unusual stop.
* About to finish her second year of soccer.  Favorite position: goalie.  Plays well with her team, has been very lucky to have Daddy coaching this last season.  Yet to score a goal, but hopefully next year :)
Expert Skills:
* Having a love/hate relationship with her siblings, especially when it comes to her toys.
* Can swim with no floaties, tie her own shoes, ride her bike with no petals and pump on the swing.
* Can make her own sandwich for lunch, knows how to open her own snack and can put a straw in her own capri sun.
* Super reader, has lost 6 baby teeth, definitely will need braces.
* Very kind, a great big sister, never leaves a sibling behind.
Areas of improvement:
* Needs to work on her mood swings, listening to mom at home and being less wiggly at church.
* Needs less tangles in her hair.
* Needs to learn to like potatoes
Claims to fame:
*First born.
* Lost first tooth in preschool
* Still talks out loud to her Mimi
* Being a super daughter :)


Ami said...

Aaah! I love this twist, Michelle!! What a great idea! That was totally fun to read!!

Anabelle said...

LOVE this idea! I'd hire Abby any day! Can she pack snacks?

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