Monday, November 12, 2012

Jacob Elway Thomas- will work for cheese

As promised, a continuation from yesterday, Jacob's resume.

Jacob Elway Thomas
Thomas Family House, Rita Ranch/Tucson, AZ
contact #- none till he is 16
email- probably any day now since this kid can whip around the computer better than I can

*Had completed one and a half years of preschool at the fine Cottonwood Preschool program.  Loves his teachers and his friends.  Specializes in painting, playing outside, building awesome block towers and destroying shirts on a daily basis.
* Jacob is learning to read and can read a handful of sight words.  His favorite set of literature is the book series "Pete The Cat", where he has all the books memorized.  His favorite words to write are "Jacob" and "Wall-e".

* Is about to finish up his first year of soccer.  Jacob had scored 6 goals thus far, two of which were in the incorrect side.  He is a fairly good team player, unless he is cold, hungry or tired, because then he will be crabby and may throw himself on the ground and have a fit.
* By the age of 14 months, was able to climb on everything, once getting into the tub completely clothed.
* Was able to name every single Thomas the Train train by the age of 18 months.

Expert Skills:
*A pro at building legos and all blocks.  Super great at puzzles.  Extremely interested in how things work, move and function.  Once tried to take apart his clock radio to try and take the pieces out to make his Wall-e toy alive.
* Responds well to bribes, loves cheese, chocolate cake and more cheese.
* Great brother, when he's in the mood. 
* works as Spider man at night, saving the world of "bad guys".
* Current interests: all things super hero, especially Spider man, Capt. America and Iron Man. 
* Best buddy is still Monkey.  They have been best friends since they were born, in 2007. 
* Frequently having his glory stolen by his older sister, see above example.
* Almost ready to take his training wheels off, next summer will be the Summer of NO Floaties.
Areas of Improvement:
* Much less whining would be ideal.
* Ability to sit still is currently 34 seconds, with age, this should improve.
*Needs to work on his ability to clean up the first time, and not just only when mom threatens to throw his crap away.

Claims to fame:
* Middle child
* Always has room for dessert
* Becomes obsessed with whatever his current toy love is.
* Figured out how to escape from the house at the young age of two, thus requiring mom to purchase a fancy front door lock contraption.
* Has a life-sized John Elway on his wall since birth.
* Is a good brother, very kind, caring and helpful.  Very smart, thoughtful and wise :)


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