Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanks for making me feel guilty, old Asian lady

So this weekend was one of those weekends.  You know the type: not enough sleep, caffiene or "me" time...too much craziness from the kids.  Not my favorite type of weekends, but, alas, they happen.  I love being a mom, don't get me wrong.  I'd gladly throw myself in front of a train for any of my peas.  But that doesn't always mean I LIKE my kids.  That may sound harsh to any "non-mom" but I don't really care because it's true! I always LOVE my kids, consider them my blessings, but they sure can make me crazy at times.  I really hate all those facebook posts other moms say like "oh, my kids are all throwing up but I just love all this quality, snuggling time we are having." WTF??  I'm sorry, I love my kids, but I don't love snuggling with them with puke all over my shirt.  I just don't.  Does that make me a bad mommy?  Maybe, time will tell.  If a mom tells you that "every day is the best day" with their kids they are either a) full of sh*t, b) crazy, or c) on drugs.  If the answer is "c" then I want some of those drugs please.
So I'll set the stage: We are at mass at church.  It's about 40 minutes in and appears to be going long due to the 8 minute video they showed in the beginning about some pregancny outreach center.  (To St. Pius: I'm sure this is a lovely cause, but please don't show this at the beginning of the children's mass.  First of all, I don't feel like explaining to Abigail what an "abortion" is, and secondly, it was just WAY too long).  The kids have been slowly and steadily getting noisier and noisier.  They always tend to be the loudest when it's a "quiet moment".  Our church is great though.  The chidren's mass is sped through at a quick pase, it's spoken directly to the kids and gets them involved and it's always sort of noisy in there because of all the kids.  Normally, we just blend right in, but today, Jacob and Hannah were being unusually onery.  So, the younger two peas were arguing about nothing with one another.  The usual "here's a book" move doesn't work. So I give my phone to Hannah, hoping to quell her just a big longer, but that back fires because they start fighting about it, LOUDLY.  So I quickly take it away because kids aren't suppose to be playing with iphones in church, right??  What kind of mother am I??  I am becoming visibally more stressed and angry.  I whisper in Jacob's ear to knock it off RIGHT now or I'm telling Hermie AND no more cheese for today!  Now it's time to give peace to everyone and here comes this little, old Asian women who says to me "It's ok, mom, you should relax.  Soon you will be old like me and your heart will be breaking everyday."  Then she gives me peace.  Christ.  Seriously???!? Thanks for making me feel guilty for being stressed at my kids' poor behavior. 
I get that "time goes fast" and that "I'll never get these moments back" but it doesn't make them any easier!!  Ha, I'm sure she is correct though, someday my heart may be breaking.  I plan on being an awesome Nana some day though, always traveling around with Papa, being super cool and good looking.  Dropping in with my grandbabies whenever I see fit, saying whatever I feel like because I'm old and can do that sort of crap.  I know I should revel in the small things, focus on the happiness, which I usually do; but aren't I allowed a stressful day every now and again?  I think so.  Maybe I just need some more peace to be with me.  Or more peace and quiet.  Or more wine.
So here's to you, little Asian lady: I'm sure you are an amazing mother, and thanks for making me feel guilty, like no one but a mother can make you feel.  I drink to you this evening!  And here's to hoping for an easier week ahead! Ugg!


Anabelle said...

Sorry, this made me laugh. Only because I know exactly how you feel. I don't always like my kids either, no one can. They are down right obnoxious sometimes.
And really Asian lady, how can you cherish a moment like that?!? I'll cherish them when they are sleeping soundly in bed :)

Ami said...

Bwahahaha!! Seriously. Mothers everywhere can sympathize!! This totally made me laugh out loud! Rock on! You're not alone!

Hierstein Clan said... should have seen me 20 min before church when Justin lost his shoes again! He was trying to laugh it meltdown. Then the closing song was about forgiveness...i was in tears

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