Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hannah Emily- the fiesty one

The conclusion of my three part series...

Hannah Emily Thomas
Thomas Family House, Rita Ranch/Tucson, AZ
contact #- you can just call me
email- not yet, but probably will be idon'tlistentoanyone!@something.com


*none formal yet, been schooled on "being the third kid", tends not to listen to directions
*FAILED potty training 101, planning on retaking the course next month
*excellent sorter, knows her way around the preschool

*Hannah knows all her colors and shapes, she can say her ABC's, her favorite letter is H and her favorite number is 3
* She loves the water and frequently doesn't want to get out of the pool at Nanni's house.
*She looks striking in either a one or two piece
*Quit napping 5 months ago. In response, her exact quote was "ain't nobody got time for that!!" (well, not really, but I'm sure that's what she was thinking.)
* Gave up her binkie about 5 months ago as well, with some struggle.  Still asks for it from time to time.
* Can count to 10, if she feels like it, but not if you ask, but she only does things when SHE feels like it.
*Proud to be her own woman.
Expert Skills:
*Being sassy (see above examples) and frequently does things her own way.
* Outgoing, caring and fun
*She is a good shopper.
*Can throw quite the temper tantrum, if desired.
*Loves fruit, cheese and yogurt, dislikes most meats
*Very helpful and MUCH less dramatic than her older sister, thank goodness!

Areas of Improvement:
*Needs to study better for her potty training exam
*Would be great if she would start napping again
* Quit looking so gosh-darn cute all the time :)

Claims to fame:
*Baby of the family
*Will be the third Thomas child to attend Cottonwood Preschool
*Will most likely, be the first kid to sneak out when she is 16.
*Will probably date a boy daddy hates
*The smallest at birth, 6 lbs 12 oz
*The one who had brown hair the longest.
*Adorable and sweet as can be, wouldn't trade her sassiness for the world <3


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