Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sh*t that happens when you have 3 kids

One kid is easy.  I'm sorry, but it's true!  Now, if you have one kid, you won't realize how easy you have it until you decide to have a second.  Two kids are a bit trickier, but still not too bad. Two kids, two hands to hold them from running into the street.  Two car seats can easily fit in most cars. It can take a bit getting used to having two kiddies, especially if they are close in age, like mine were.  Now, three kids is a whole different animal.  On one hand, you are a seasoned pro.  No un-needed trips to the doc for mystery fevers or rashes, you know they will just probably go away.  No fussing about the kids not eating or pooping, you know they will eventually.  With three kids, however, you are outnumbered.  With or without your spouse, you are out numbered.  Three kids car seats do not fit side-by-side-by-side in most cars, hence why the third row or min-v is almost a necessity.  Taking three kids to the store is VERY challenging (taking one kid can be hard, too)!  One kid fits nicely in the basket of the carriage.  With two kids, one can sit and one can walk, if they are big enough, or is they are babies then you can "wear" one.  Now, THREE kids can be a conundrum.  I almost cried tears of joy when Target came out with those glorious three-kid carriages! I won't shop without it :)  It's harder to remember things with three kids too.  I know what time Abigail and Jacob were born but I can't remember Hannah's birth time (I do have it in her baby book, but I always forget).  With three kids, the laundry basket is ALWAYS full, even if you just finished washing clothes.  You fold the last shirt, turn around and BAM, it's full again!  "How did that happen?!?" I often say, then I realize I have three kids, and all is explained.  With three kids, I have to replace the toilet paper almost every day.  With three kids, you go through a package of yogurts, granola bars and box of waffles in two sittings.  It gets expensive.  With three kids, things happen to them and that I have no explanation for: cuts, bruises, mystery bumps.  And then the best so far I've seen:
Hannah's missing half her eyebrow.  How did it happen?  No idea.  When?  Not sure. I don't sit around all day either, with my children running around like animals.  I DO watch them, but this is just what happens when you have three kids.  If she were my only, I'm sure my mommy guilt would be through the roof! But, I'm not worried.  It'll grow back :)  She's still a cutie.


Ami said...

Mom of Triplets? Needless to say, I love this post! :)

Allison Showers-Chlup said...

Just learning how true your words are . . .a 4 year old and twins . . .let the chaos begin. :)

Anabelle said...

I spit out my wine at Hannah's eyebrow!

I only have 2 kids and I don't know how people say, "Yeah, let's have a 3rd, or 4th." I can't imagine! The shopping cart thing alone is stressful!!

More power to you.

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