Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Social #2 {Link up}

Sunday Social
Happy Easter everyone!
Since I had a busy day and would REALLY like to enjoy my wine, this post will be short and sweet :)
Just as a reminder, Sunday Social is a weekly link-up where we answer 5 questions about us!
Here are this weeks questions:
1. Favorite type of work out to do?
Running, of course!!  Obviously :)
2. Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?
This may sound dorky, but I LOVE vanilla ice cream (Breyers, more specifically) with hot fudge...YUM!  My all-time favorite hot fudge was from Canyon Ranch...SO insanely delicious and when Mr. Pea was a server there ages ago I would love to go in and get some.
3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?
Water my plants....I literally have to write myself a note or else I forget.
4. Posts its or phone reminders? Why?
Currently both.  I constantly have a to-list going on but since I got my iPhone for my birthday I have been setting phone reminders, especially when I am not home!
5. Favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile
I'm going to share two!
This is Mr. Pea and I all dressed up to go to his work Christmas party.  I like it because we look great AND excited to go out without the kids! Whoo-hoo!

Annndddd this gem...This is Jacob's favorite Monkey named fittingly, Monkey, that he has has since his 1st Christmas.  On this particular day, Jacob had Monkey sitting on top of his radio with the headphones listening to some music.  Hilarious and adorable.
Thanks for stopping by for some Sunday Social action!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunny Bottoms!! {recipe and tutorial}

Aren't these the cutest?? I made a small batch of these today for Easter and they are very simple to do.  Slightly messy, but pretty easy.

To make these, you will need:
- nilla wafers
- mini marshmallows
- meltable chocolate
- vegetable shortening
- wax paper
- mini squeeze bottle or baby syringe (see below)
- microwavable bowl
- tray
note: Blue from Blue's Clues is optional :)
Set out your cookies and mallows.  Roll the mallows quickly in your hand to make them more "round" and bunny tail like.
Normally, I buy the Wilton's candy melts but I didn't have time to get over there so I bought the Fry's kind.  It works well, but costs a bit more and only comes in chocolate or white chocolate.  Since we are having a small Easter and I was making two other desserts, I only made 20 chocolate bunny bottoms. I used half the large block.
The secret to getting smooth and easily dippable chocolate is vegetable shortening.  I add a spoonful to the chocolate as it's melting.  Follow the directions on the package and melt your chocolate.
Set out the wax paper on the cookie sheet and using your mini-squeeze bottle or a baby medicine syringe to make the head and ears.  You have to work fast before the chocolate sets.  Make 3 or 4 heads and ears at a time.
Dip the cookie in the chocolate and use a fork to get it out.  Shake it some to get the extra chocolate off.  Place the body on the head while everything is still liquid.  Place a mini mallow on the bottom as the tail!
Cute!! If you drip the chocolate, use some q-tips to clean it up.
Place the tray in the fridge to set up.  They will harden in about 15 minutes and can easily be peeled off of the wax paper.
Place them on your table or in your bunny's baskets for Easter.  I am going to just set out a small tray of them for the kiddies to snack on.
What's cuter than a Bunny Bottom?!?  Not much!
Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happies and Crappies #5 {link up!}

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Happy Friday all!

Being a stay at home mom that has a husband that works every weekend, Friday is really no different than any other day, but happy Friday to all of those who Friday is special!

Last week I did not do Happies and Crappies, because the crappies FAR out weighed the happies, and I just didn't have much free time.  I am glad that this week I had some happies I am excited to share!


- I have had more time to blog this week.  I have done a new post almost every day and have several recipes and projects in the works for next week.  This makes me VERY happy :)

- Shockingly my mileage for March wasn't too bad.  I plan on doing at least 3 miles today and tomorrow on the treadmill and with that added 6 miles, it will bring my March total to 83 miles and my year-to-date to 227.8.  I had really wanted to do 90 but with a week with no running, that wasn't going to happen.  As the weather gets hotter, it's gets more difficult to find time to run (+ Mr. Peas's work schedule never helps) but I will figure out a way to fit it in!

- I ran the Arizona Distance Classic this past weekend.  My friend Courtney, her sister Breanne and I all did a fantastic job and it was mucho fun.  I ran the quarter marathon in 1 hour and 3 minutes and came in 68th place out of 338 people!  I had REALLY wanted to come in under an hour, but with all the crappies we had the prior week, I didn't have too much free time for running, so I can't complain.

Don't we just look smashing??  We barely look sweaty :)
I had a nice man take this for me.  Please don't ask me what I am doing with my hand because I don't know.  I still like the pic though.
This was as soon as Courtney and Breanne finished.  They finished at the same time, two cute sisters :)  I am proud of both of them!
- Easter has completely snuck up on me this year.  I feel woefully unprepared, which isn't like me!  I did get some goodies for the peas and things for their eggs.  Unfortunately Mr. Pea is working so he won't be able to join us for church or dinner.  I will save him a plate of ham, though.  The other day, we colored eggs.  We only lost one solider during battle.
Mr. Pea and Hannah
The peas.  We have been using this same Dora tablecloth for all our painting and egg dying needs since Abby was 2.

Mama and the peas.

Mama and Jake...I look tired, someone should have told me.

The finished product!  Yes, that is a spider man egg, of course.
- I had a nice play date with some of my mommy friends.  The kids played in the pool and us mama's had a margarita.  It was perfection.
- The kids are in full swing with their spring sports.  It is fun for them to be so busy!  Abby is taking an art class every Monday and Jake is playing T-ball.  I know four of the mama's on Jake's team.  It is fun to sit and be the "cool moms" together.
- The kids spring sports are KILLING me!  I have literally driving all over town.  It figures that Jake's baseball is the same two nights Abby has her art class and also CCD.  Ugg....thank heavens Mr. Pea works right down the street from her two events because I am having to rush to drive her and drop her off and then turn around and drive ALL the way back to Rita Ranch for Jacob's events while he picks her up.  I need a glass of wine just thinking of all the gas I will be using!  At least they are cute and are enjoying their activities.
- We toured the cemeteries for my brother-in-law.  It is a "happy/crappy".  Crappy, for obvious reasons, but a happy that Mr. Pea has found a place he feels good about.  It's a difficult decision.  I will be glad when he is at peace.  I have a very unfinished feeling in my heart that is hard to explain.  When he has his place and his stone, then we can begin to heal.  Since this is a Catholic cemetery we can only have religious icons on his stone, so no Denver Bronco, but I plan on painting some rocks to place around his stone with all his favorite things.  I did the same for my Mom's grave.  It's my way of showing how much we loved him and miss him. 
How was your week??  Are you ready for April, because it's almost here!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF's

Recently friend and fellow blogger Courtney with What's up With the Wilhelms, wrote an adorable post called "Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF's, and I thought it was great!  Not being one to reinvent the wheel I decided to do one of my own.  Turns out, she too "borrowed" this idea from another terrific blogger Sarah over at Scissors and a Whisk.  I guess great minds think alike!!

So, do you want to be my BFF?  Why wouldn't you?? I'm an excellent friend and super fun to be around.  If you would like this title, then here are some things you should know about me :)

I am not from Tucson, and would never pretend to be.
I am from a small Massachusetts town called Abington.  I will always be a true New England girl.
My favorite season is fall.  I love all things scarf, boots and corduroy related.
I don't really have a "favorite" color.  I am always drawn to blues, some dark and some light; but I also love pink.  And yellow.  And green...
I am from a family of three kids.  I have one sister and one brother, both of whom live in MA.
I hate coffee.  I like tea, and more specifically chai.
My first job was at Old Navy.  I folded shirts.
My second job was at Starbucks and I worked there for 7 years.  I also won the Barista Olympics back home when I was 17.
Although my favorite season is fall, my favorite place to be is the beach, no matter what season it is.
I hate Tucson summers....too hot, but I like sitting by the pool, especially with a mimosa.
I cannot stand watching 98% of sports on TV.
I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was 7 years old.
I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2003 and I never attended a single sporting event there: not one football or basketball game.
My degree was in Elementary Education and I taught 1st grade for 6 1/2 years.  Currently I am a SAHM but look forward to teaching again, someday!
I love wine.  Yum.
I like sweets, but I don't have a super sweet tooth.  I don't like chocolate ice cream or brownies.
I love to run, when I can get out the door.  It can be challenging with three kids but I firmly believe you have to make time for YOU!
I have zero time for drama in my life.  If you are a negative person and like to cause it...then I have no time for you.  Life is too short to be surrounded by selfish people.
My mom passed away from breast cancer a year ago.  I miss her everyday.  Part of the reason I run so much is because BC runs on both sides of my family and I'll be damned if I am going to get it.
I don't like too much meat...I was actually a vegetarian for years growing up.  I'll only cook meat when Mr. Pea is home.
I lived in Las Vegas for a few years as a kid but don't remember too much about it.
Mr. Pea and I have been married for 6 years but together since 2000...he is the reason I came to Tucson.  He is the ying to my yang.  We hardly ever fight. It's sort of strange.  I guess he just knows I'm always right ;)
I love to read, but haven't had too much time for that lately.  I need to get back into that!
I have three kids...which if you ever read a word of my blog, you already know.  They are the lights of my life and also the sole source of all my stress.  I love them to pieces.
I played softball for a few years in high school and was terrible at it, which is why I started running:  I have ZERO coordination.
My favorite music is 80's...woot!  I like lots of different genres though, just not any hard-core rap or country.  I HATE country music.
I don't eat any seafood.
I once had a dream to set all the lobsters free from the food stores.  Poor guys :(
I'm pretty sure I have some sort of OCD.  I can never have a dirty dish in the sink. Ever.
I almost never have "piles" of things...everything has a place.
I am a Democrat and lover of all people, races and sexual orientation.  I'm not perfect, who am I to judge?
I'm Irish, Scottish, English and Finnish.  Pretty dang white.
I don't tan too well.
I like my freckles.
I still talk with my three BFF's from high school. I love them!  We were quite a team.
I never got a single stretch mark from any of my pregnancies.  I thank Burt's Bees Mama Bee cream for that. 
I breastfed all my babies for over a year...I also lost my boobies thanks to that (boo).
My favorite food is mashed potatoes.  Pasta is a close second.
My dream job growing up was to work in the dairy store at Peaceful Meadow's.  Yup.
I hate bugs.
Ever since I had kids, I don't like scary rides.
My husband is my ultimate bestie :)

Did you learn anything new about me??  I am accepting BFF applications now.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I may want to punch you in the face

It's that time again...Top Ten Tuesday!

Lots of things annoy me in the world.  Here are 10 specifically that make me want to punch someone in the face (politics free edition).

Do you do any of these?  Better watch out!

1. If you have a "who saved who?" bumper sticker on your car.  Really? Are you really questioning this?  Obviously you saved the dog, which is great, but your bumper sticker is stupid and you should be embarrassed for driving around with it.

2. People that use too many exclamation points in their Facebook statuses.  I get that you are excited about whatever you are sharing...but do you really needs 13 !!!!!!!!!  at the end of every sentence?!?!  Quit shouting at me!!!

3. People that don't know how to order their drink at Starbucks.  Listen, people, its coffee not rocket science.  It's not that difficult.  If you are unsure of what to get then step aside and let us who DO order and you can ponder the theory of coffee relativity on the side.  Let me also give you a tip:  the person who is behind the counter doesn't want to help you either. Odds are they hate you.  They hated you the moment you stepped up to the counter; and if you ask what their favorite drink it??  Well then, they have probably also cursed your significant other and your children as well. 

4. Stupid people.  Enough said.  We should just send all people that have no clue about life to an island someplace and let them fend for themselves.

5. People that use too many hash tags on Instagram or Twitter.  Hey, I LOVE hash tagging it...I just try and limit mine to 3-4 at the most. You also don't need to hash tag complete sentences #noonewantstotryanddecodewhatyouaresaying.  If you know someone that uses more than five #'s per picture, do us all a favor and have an intervention for them. 

6. Facebook liars.  No one's life is that great!!  This especially annoys me when it's mothers.  It's bullshit that everyday is the greatest day just because you are a mother.  You are full of shit.  You know it and we all do too, so do us all a favor and admit every once in a while that being a mother sucks and it hard.  It's OK to admit defeat, we've all been there. Let's all have a glass of wine together and forget about today.

7. Slow drivers.  I'm always in a rush so let's speed it up people.  The world would be a better place if we just always, at least, went the speed limit. Or 5-10 miles over it.

8. People that park their wagons in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store or at Target.  Having difficulty deciding which soup to buy??  That's OK, just pull over so us less-indecisive people can get our crap and move on. (to all "wagon" I mean "cart")

9. Publicly judgemental morons.  I judge everyone, I also have the common decency to do it with my girlfriends over wine, not on facebook.  So what is someone lets their kids watch tv, occasionally gets them McDonalds or didn't breastfeed?  So what if someone is gay, straight or somewhere in the middle?  Come on people...aren't we past this crap now?  Save those judgies for your friends, because most likely they hate all the same people as you and totally want to hear your rants....I know I would!

10. Anyone that writes "I just love my life!" as a Facebook status.  It's just annoying.  I also love my life, but I try to be sensitive to people that may not be loving on life as much at the moment.  Let's all be considerate, eh?

What makes you want to punch someone in the face?  Let's keep it politics-free people, because I could go on FOR DAYS if it wasn't!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Scheduling Conflicts

I'm fed up!

All day long, I play the role of personal assistant to three demanding, busy and poorly paying individuals.  As soon as my eyes open to the feeling of someone poking me in the face with a finger, I am being asked do to something.

Can I have some juice?
Can I watch Spiderman?
Can I have a piece of cheese?
Where's my blanket?
No, where's my FLOWER blanket?
Can I have cereal?
Can I have more cereal?
Can you wipe my bum?
Can you blow my nose?
Can you help me wash my hands?
Can I have some milk?
Can I have a snack?
Can I have another snack?
Can I play outside?
Can I did a hole in the yard?
Can I give Biscuit a treat?
Can I play on the ipad?
Can I play on your phone?
Can I ride my bike?
Can I watch Mickey Mouse?
Can I have some ice cream?
Can you give me a piggy back ride?
Can you build me a web-shooter?
Can you clean up my milk that I spilled?
Can I color?
Can we play dog and you be my owner?
Can I have some more paper?
Can you print me a picture on the computer?
Can you sharpen my pencil?
Can I have another snack?
Can I eat cereal for dinner?

The demands go on and on and on and on.  I SWEAR I cannot go 3 minutes with out someone asking me for something. 

I shuttle them to all their important arrangements and appointments: school, doctors, CCD, t-ball, art class...back and forth, back and forth.

I am a mother and this is my job.  98% of the time, I do not mind and do my job with dignity and pride.  Occasionally I get mad at myself though.

Days will go by, and I'll realize that I haven't done any of MY things.  Why is it SO hard to make time for ME???  I can't seem to carve out 30 minutes everyday to workout or blog or both.  It's always such an ISSUE to find this extra time.  Sure, I could get up wicked early and workout...but that sucks and I don't want to; and sure, I would workout after they are in bed; which is fine on SOME nights but others I am tired and don't feel like it.

This week I am making a promise to myself to take these minutes that I need and make an appointment with MYSELF to run or workout or blog EVERYDAY.  I am going to get one of those "will return at this time" clock signs and hang it on my shirt. My oldest can tell time so she can translate to the little ones.  I will wear it and if I am asked for something, I will just point to the shirt.

No more scheduling conflicts with my bosses...sometimes even the personal assistant needs a break!

Do you need a "will return at this time" shirt too??  Tell me why below!!

Here are my bosses...they don't look demanding, but looks can be deceiving!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Social #1 {link up}

Sunday Social
This is a new link up for me! Sunday Social is a link up from Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup.  Every week, she asks five questions and you give your answer...what could be easier than that!! 
Because of certain family happenings, I haven't been able to blog as often as I like to so this week I have two missions: 1. BLOG and 2. WORKOUT everyday (running and/or weights).  I am determined to be successful :)
Here is my first edition of Sunday Social
This Weeks Questions:
1. What is your favorite thing about Spring? 
Having grown up in a place with actual SEASONS, spring usually means warmer weather and more outdoors time...since Tucson isn't quite like home, I do love the warmer weather, but also the "new beginning" feeling of spring.  It's a time to clean house and get ready for summer!  I like to go though closets and get rid of stuff that doesn't fit and open the windows and let the sun shine in!  (And then usually dust all the crap I see when the sun is shining on it)
2. Favorite kind of flowers to grow or receive?
My favorite flower is the tulip.  It's so pretty and was the flower I held at my wedding.  I don't grow flowers too much, I only have a "light green" thumb and tend to let things die outside, since I can forget to water them :/
3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
There is no way I could pick just one!!  I've always leaned towards pinks and reds since I was growing up, but in my old age, I like to branch out and paint my nails all different colors.  I usually change my toes once a week.  Currently I have a pretty blue shade with a sparkly topcoat called "Avenue Maintain" and "Stroke of Brilliance" both by Essie, my very favorite brand of nail polish!
So pretty!
4. What is your favorite out door activity?
Running is my very favorite solo outdoor activity (or with Mr. Pea).  With the peas, I love to take walks around the block and swim (of course!) when it's warm enough.
5. Do you have any fun Spring plans?
Ummm....not really.  Mr. Pea and I have wanted to have a date night for like 3 months, so hopefully we can make that happen soon!!  Our back yard needs some SERIOUS love so we will be working on that as well.
What do you love about spring??  Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Mother of All Inventions!

I pride myself as being a decent multi-tasker and have a keen ability to have, on most days, 98% of my daily tasks complete at the end of said day.  There are certain things that would, however, make my life MUCH easier that I wish could be invented.  I can't imagine a mother on the planet that wouldn't want these!

1. A self-cleaning toilet:  My dream potty would always be clean IN and AROUND it.  Jacob can never seem to get his pee IN the bowl....when I walk by him in the hallway, he is busy scanning the room with his eyes, and his pee-pee seems to follow.  Never in my life would I dream I would be saying "focus on your pee!" as much as I do on a daily basis.

2. A limo-window for my car:  Do you remember being young and having expendable income that you could waste on a fancy limo ride???  I do...and it was great.  All limos have those neat windows that can roll up to separate the driver from the shenanigans happening in the back.  I want one of these for my car.  This way, I could hear my jams and ignore the insanity that is driving with my kids anywhere.  Better yet, have it tinted so I don't have to SEE it either.

3. An automatic picker-upper for dropped things in the car:  My kids ALWAYS drop their crap as soon as we leave the driveway.  Snack cups, juice cups, toys; you name it.  Rarely will I pull over and get them until we get to our destination, so normally I have to hear whining about the dropped item the entire drive.  A robotic arm that can come out of the wall of the car and pick up their crap would be awesome...especially for the third row!

4.  A spray that can be put on tables so crayon won't stick to it: My kids LOVE to color and ALWAYS get crayon on their snack table.  I have to scrub it daily, and it's a pain in my ass.

5.  Smudge-proof and dog-nose slobber proof glass:  Biscuit stands that the dang slider everyday and gets dog yuck on my door.  Me being OCD, has to clean it 45x a day.  I should take stock in Windex. 

6.  A device that would force my kids to stay in bed until a time I decided on:  I don't even know what that would consist of, but it certainly would be awesome.

7.  Wine home-delivery: for when things get desperate and the hubs is at work late.

These are just some of my more-unique wishes for inventions, but there are so many, many more that would be amazing.  Things such as an "insta-fold" app on my phone, automatic thigh slimming creams, pre-cooked healthy dinners that I can microwave and that aren't full of chemicals and that my kids would eat, automatic bed-makers, sheets that never get dirty, self-ironing shirts and pants for Mr. Pea and a "mute" button that I could use for my kids would all just make my life so much easier.  Can someone that isn't as busy as I am multi-tasking please invent some of these??  I'll only take a 40% cut for sharing my awesome ideas with you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: getting older

This is my first post in over a week....

This past Tuesday, my brother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly.  One of my many, many thoughts over the week was how to write my first blog post after this.  Should it be happy?  Sad?  Funny?  I didn't know.  I certainly have been a mixed ball of emotions as it was and didn't even know how to translate that into words.

Since it's Tuesday, and Top Ten Tuesdays are some of my most favorite posts to write, I decided to keep it happy, sad and funny; all wrapped into one. 

It still surprises me when people say "oh, I read your blog post the other day!"  I am still shocked that people read what I write.  My brother-in-law, Travis, told me he always read what I wrote and that he really enjoyed it. I took that as a compliment because he was one of the smartest people I knew.  Him and my husband have this uncanny ability to be really good at almost everything without even trying, which is always really aggravating.

So I dedicate this post, which is my 100th post, to Travis.  He was one of the most caring, kind, hilarious and smartest people I knew. He was my husband best friend, the best man at our wedding and our son's godfather.  He was an all-around great guy and will be missed by so many.  Love you Trav.

Top Ten Tuesday: why getting older can suck.

1. Losing people you love.  The past two blog posts have been about losing people that meant the world to me and it sucks balls.  Sure, people die when you are a kid, but you don't really notice.  My kids have really not had any clue what has been happening this past week and I envy them.  Innocence is bliss.

2. You have to work out to keep the body you used to not have to work out to have.  One silver lining this past week is we have gotten to see SO many friends from high school and college that we haven't seen in years.  Everyone said to me, "wow, you look great!" and I'm like, "yea, because I have to run like 5x a week to look like this!" In college, I never ran, I just drank beer, ate pizza and looked awesome.  Curse you aging!! {shaking fist}

3.  Gray hair...ugg

4.  Old skin..double ugg!  I made a collage of pics of Travis this week and couldn't get over how much my skin has lost that youthful glow!  Damn you skin!  I think it's time to invest in some heavy duty face creams.

5.  Responsibilities, obviously.  No longer is my most glaring decision, what to wear out tonight.  Now I have to decide about real shit, like college tuition for my kids...boring!

6. Bills.  Major real-life bills, not just my cell phone and the pizza guy.

7. You have to watch what you eat and eat weird things like chia seeds to help stay thin.

8. Moving away from your friends and family.  I hate this part the most.  I wish we could just all be together all of the time.

9. It takes you longer to recover...for everything.

10. Being tired.  I was never tired in college.  Now I am tired all the time!

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life as a wife and mommy and wouldn't change a thing (except maybe a bigger house).  I would be lying though, that I didn't wish I could go back to those good-old college days just for a weekend. Oh, to be thin, youthful and stupid.  The glory days.  Being 30-something is not too bad, either.  :)

Mr. Pea and his brother Travis at our wedding

Just a gem from college...see that youthful glow??  That glow says "no responsibilities" and that naive feeling that everyone will always be around no matter what.  I miss that feeling.  Those were some great times :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

One year

I have been thinking about this blog post for almost six months now.  I've gone back and forth about what I wanted to say and even if I wanted to say anything at all.  Writing something can be easier than talking about it...hence all the journals I filled up in high school so I decided to write.

Today marks one year without my mom.  It's a strange how it feels like just yesterday and at the same time it feels like a million years ago.  I can't really explain it.  A lot can happen in one year and this year has been different than all the other years of my life.  Time has gone on, memories made, vacations taken, milestones met.  Although I was present for all of these, there is still a part of me that is stuck in that week in March 2012: the blur of events, the planning, the sorting, the crying, the time shared with my brother and sister.  As time passes, it doesn't get "easier", if you will...if just becomes a new normal.  Just the way it is; the way it always will be.

My mom was the only parent I had...and even as a married adult, it was a comfort to know she was there and would always beto help if I was ever in a bind, not that I was ever in one.  It's a strange feeling to not have that.  I am lucky that she taught me to be so independent and self-reliant. I will be sure to pass those traits on to my daughters as well...for one never knows what the future holds and one of the most valuable gifts we can give our children (especially our girls) is to have the ability to be independent and to WANT people in our lives but not NEED them.

One year is a long time; many days, hours, seconds, can experience a whole smorgasbord of new events in that time, but there are some things I will never be able to have again.

One year since I've heard your voice.
One year since you've given me advice.
One year since we've had a cup of tea together.
One year since we've talked for hours on the phone about nothing at all.
One year since you've been an ear for me to complain to.
One year since we've shopped together.
One year since you've randomly decided to come to Arizona again (much to my happiness).
One year since you've nagged me about a tag I've left on a pillow.
One year since you've called the peas your "pumpkin-heads".
One year since they've seen their Mimi.
One year since I've been able to convince you to have a glass of wine with me at night.
One year since I've been able to bake for you...which you always loved.
One year since I've bought you a coffee from Dunks...light with three sugars.
One year since you've been able to complain to me about how much you hate winter and love the desert (polar opposite from me!)
One year since we've been a complete family: you, me, Jenn and Billy.
One year since I've felt whole.
One year since I've been able to tell you I love you.
One year since I've seen you.
One year since I've had my Mom here.

I leave you with some of my favorite pictures of my Mama and me...
Mama at age 8, 1965

Looking fabulous, 1976

Mama and Jenn, 1977

 Christmas, 1983
me in the desert before I decided to live here, 1983
Mama and her three peas, 1983
just because I love this, 1986, abt Abby's age

matching perms
Disneyworld, 1991...{starter jackets, oh yea}

My brother's wedding

Mama and me
this was the last time my babies saw their Mimi
I think about you every single day joke...EVERY DAY.  I miss you so much and thank you for making me the awesome gal I am today...I couldn't have done it without you! xoxo

Sunday, March 10, 2013

{crazy easy} DIY felt Disney shirt!

Starting tomorrow Abby has spirit week at school.  Monday is "Mickey Mouse" day...and guess who doesn't have a Mickey or Minnie shirt??  Yea, Abby.  She does have some Minnie ears that Mr. Pea bought for her on a business trip to FL once, but she "couldn't wear those" because that was "embarrassing". Soooo, that got me thinking that I could probably make one!  Then this blog post was born!
This shirt is seriously crazy easy to make.  It took me about 15 minutes to do in total.
Here is what you will need:
Mickey template
Minnie bow template (for Minnie, of course!)
two colors of felt
white felt for polka dots (if you are making a Minnie)
*washable* fabric glue
black puffy paint
*washable* sparkles
scissors, pen
Here are the templates that I used:

Cut out your templates and trace onto the felt with pen.  I didn't have any black so we chose pink for Minnie's head and Abby wanted blue for her bow.

Cut them out and use the glue to glue them on the shirt. Place something in between the shirt, so the glue doesn't seep through the shirt.  I used a paper bag.  Once the glue dries, you won't see it through the felt anymore.

For some added bling, I outlined the bow in black and sprinkled some washable pink glitter on it.  I also cut some small white polka dots for it as well. Let is dry flat overnight.
This shirt is super cute for everyday wear and can be customized for boys and girls!
We are actually taking our first family trip to Disneyland this fall and I know I will be making some for my kiddies to wear on our trip!!
Happy crafting!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happies and Crappies #4 {link up!}

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
It's Happies and Crappies Time!!!! Week #4
Is is Friday already???  Where did the week go??  Oh yea, I remember I caught my peas buggies and felt like poop for most of the week...OH YES, I REMEMBER NOW....
- I had Jacob's 1st T-ball meeting this week. I am BEYOND excited for him to start baseball!  I feel like he is "made" physically for baseball and I hope he loves it :) I can see him being an adorable high school boy playing....and I'll be the good looking, fit mama on the side lines...can't you picture it??  Me too...   As an added bonus, I know many of the mama's on the team and I highly enjoy their company so this season should be FUN!  I'm pretty sure we will need to "get together" to "plan team snacks" soon...I'll bring the wine!
- My hard working hubby gets a boys weekend trip to Chicago to visit his bestie!  I am over the moon for him because he deserves this.  Mr. Pea works very hard for us, and I am excited for him to have some fun with his friends.
- Well....Mr. Pea can't have all the fun, right??? Since he's having a boys weekend, I took it upon myself to plan a day with one of my besties Courtney to have some lunch and clearance rack shopping at the upscale mall in town.  Perhaps a cocktail will be ordered?? Maybe :)  Ok, for sure!  Then I want to hit up Lululemon who has ADORABLE running clothes.  Expensive, yes, so hence the "clearance rack" comment.  I can't wait!
-  I finally had some time to help out in Abby's class this week!  I love volunteering, it's just been hard with Mr. Pea's schedule.  I miss teaching sometimes, so helping out is enjoyable to me.
- Between being sick and having an unwelcome visitor (ladies, you get me!) I have felt like poop and did not do much running...I ran only 3 days this week, so far.  Last night I made myself get on the treadmill and ended up doing an hour on it!!  Which is great...but I am still up a few pounds in water weight....uggghhhgggg. week is a new week :)
- Because of the above stated two reasons, I have been SO tired.  This morning, I got up early and did a quick "morning" workout I found on Pinterest.  It actually made me feel like I had more energy!  I think I should be getting up early and doing it everyday...which is a crappy because I hate waking up.  Probably because at least one pea woke me up in the night for SOME reason...stay in bed mama can do a morning workout!!
Here is the morning workout I the bathroom, so no peas would hear me...
That was my week in a nutshell...I'd give it 3 stars.  Next week, I'm shooting for 5 :)