Monday, November 5, 2012

Get your vote on!!

Tomorrow will be a historic day: election day!  I, for one, am glad it is finally here because I am sick of all the ads, signs and political coverage.  It will be nice for the decision to be final so plans can continue be made to keep our country great. This post is not about who I am, or should say DID, vote for.  I really can't stand when people try to persuade an individual to vote one way or another.  I believe your vote is a personal decision based on your own morals, beliefs and opinions.  Plus anyone that knows me, knows who I support anyways- it's no mystery ;).  Rather, this post is about the IMPORTANCE of voting, ESPECIALLY for women.
It really irks me when I hear people say "I'm not voting because it doesn't matter anyways" or "I'm not voting because I don't know who to vote for". That is ridiculous.  If you have time to spend 6 hours a day face booking, checking emails and/or blogging, then you have time to pick up a dang book, or research on online the candidates and issues and decide what you believe is the best choice.  It REALLY pisses me off when WOMEN don't vote.  Why?? Because we couldn't always and some amazing women fought extremely hard for us to have this right.  It's crazy to think that less than 100 years ago, women were not considered "equal citizens" and thus were not allowed to vote.  Famous women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul, and Susan B. Anthony stood in front of congress from 1869-1902 pleading the case for women's rights.  They organized a movement, marched together, were unfairly arrested and jailed.  Alice Paul held one of the most famous hunger strikes while incarcerated.  These women fought for the 19th amendment to be ratified so that ALL women had an equal say when it came to choosing our leaders and policies.
So ladies, please remember these fine women when tomorrow comes.  Please don't let your vote be wasted.  Most importantly, instill these beliefs in your children, and especially your daughters, that rights were not a given, they were fought for and earned and never take them for granted.  Remind them of our history.  Someday, I hope to see a women president.  I think it is well-deserved and about time.  Maybe 2016 will be our year??  We shall see...
Happy voting America!!


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