Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thomas Family Mountain Fun!

 Today since David was off (since it's a weekend, this is rare) we decided to go up to Mt. Lemmon for the day.  Mt. Lemmon is one part of Tucson I really like going, probably since it is the least like Tucson.  It was a yummy 40 degrees when we got up the mountain, so the kiddies wore their animal hats :)
The kids all found walking sticks.  Don't mind the blurry spots, my lens was dirty :) 

Dad acted not his age.

Even Hannah hiked!  Some of the way, at least.


Nanni came with us.  Jake told her to "stick with him" and he'd help her on the trail.  He said he's an expert since he's been "hiking since he was two".

Nanni and her dolly.  She was tired from the hike ;)

Mama and Daddy even got in a few pics!  Don't we look nice.
 Daddy and his girls.

After our hike, it was time for lunch!
We packed a yummy lunch and everyone was hungry!  Even Hannah ate, shocker!

Daddy and the peas.

Mama and the peas.

Afterwards, we drove into town and got some cookies and hot cocoa from The Cookie Shack.

Then we drove up to Ski Valley and walked around some. 

This view is to die for.  Reminds me of home :)

 What are those?!?!  Oh yea, trees.
The peas had a GREAT time on the mountain. It's always fun to see the leaves and actually feel what fall is SUPPOSE to be like :)  It's an added plus for Daddy to be home too.  Best of all, no one fell off the mountain, which is a genuine concern with my kids.


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