Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No one is going to read this anyways!

Soooo...blog-a-day is hard today! David and I are busy watching the election.  I'm wearing blue to support the home team (I am from Massachusetts and all).  So no one, I'm sure, will be reading this anyways, but since I committed myself to a blog-a-day I will only write a short piece.

5 Lessons I've learned from today:
1. Play-doh and a 2 year old don't mix.  Today reminded me why I have a love/hate relationship with that stuff.
2. I am sick of sweating, this heat had TO GO!
3. My Jacob decided that his preschool teacher, Mrs. Debbie, would make an excellent president and voted for her in his class election.  I'm sure he is correct on this one.
4. Running after a knee-injury is hard.  Ouch.
5. Watching the election is fun.  :)

Happy Tuesday all!  I hope everyone remembered to vote today!  Tomorrow I promise a more thorough blog post, I have some upcoming crafts I am excited to share.  One clue, more wreaths ;)


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