Friday, November 9, 2012

A confession

This post should come with a header: "for fellow mommy's eyes only" because most of my non-mom friends might judge me.  Only a mother will understand this confession. 


I rarely wear pants with buttons.  I know, ridiculous right??  I have had an aversion to them since 2005.  They are so uncomfortable. 

Here's how my life in pants has been since 2005:
Feb 2005- Nov 2005, pregnant- only comfy pants, no buttons or zippers. 
Nov 2005- Dec 2006, breastfeeding- occasionally button pants, but only if i was "going out"**, which was rare because I was breastfeeding
         **note, "going out" does NOT include grocery shopping, target, the mall, park or any other
             place that does not serve alcoholic beverages.
Jan 2007- NOT pregnant or breastfeeding, but I still had a toddler, so who has time for buttons?!?
Feb 2007- Nov 2007- pregnant, see above
Nov 2007- Dec 2008- breastfeeding, see above
Jan 2009- April 2009- NOT pregnant or breastfeeding, but now I have TWO toddlers, come on!
May 2009- Jan 2010- pregnant, see above
Jan 2010- March 2011- breastfeeding, see above
April 2011-present: trying to rebuild my relationship with buttons

It's a daily struggle.  I want to look stylish, but yet wrangling 3 kids is hard.  I now will wear pants with buttons about 45% of the time.  This usually applies to pants, capris and also shorts.
Pants with buttons make me feel like I need to go on a diet.

What every mommy needs is a great pair of perfect black yoga pants.  They match everything, make you look slim and allow optimum mobility while chasing 3 young kids.  They are the perfect combo of "dressy" and "non-dressy".  It's a motherhood essential.  Along with a great concealer, and a love of wine.

I recently started reading the blog, Scary Mommy. Super funny and totally right on.  I stumbled upon this post about the death of her perfect black yoga pants and I had tears in my eyes!  For one, she's hilarious but for two, I now know I'm not alone in my love of the slimming yoga pant!  Read her post, it's great.
I have a great pair of long black pants, which I am just starting to get to use soon.  I have two pairs of capris ones that I believe have seen their last summer.  I shall begin my search for some new ones soon.  I am also trying to reconnect with my fashionable side.  I used to have one, ya know!!  It's true.  Maybe if I went out on more dates with my hubby! (this is a hint for YOU david!!!!)

This knee injury I swear has caused me to gain 10 lbs, I'm starting to begin to get back on track this week.  Pants season is almost here, I need to get my butt in gear.  Buttons are every where!


Anabelle said...

My confession is I try to wear a dress whenever I go out with Reese by myself. If I have to use the restroom while holding her I don't have to worry about pulling pants up or down. Much easier. Only a mother would understand :)

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