Friday, November 23, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

So I finally got myself an Elf on the Shelf.  My mom had actually told he about these like 4 years ago, when they weren't even sold in stores, only on this special website.  I thought it sounded like a cute idea but they were expensive so I decided to wait.  Well, fast forward to four years later and they are everywhere and still expensive.  I tried to get one on sale last year after Christmas but never could find one.  I was forced to pay full price (:/) but oh well.  Since I wanted to put my decorations up today, I decided to think of a cute way for him to come to our house. 
I wrote this cute note from Santa in cursive (which took me forever!) and addressed it to the kids.

Then I slid it in the book and put it outside the front door.
I hid our friend in a plant and then rang the doorbell.  The kids were down the hall so I pretended I was busy and asked Abby to get the door, which already freaked her out because I have never asked her to do that.  She looked out the window and saw no one so now she didn't want to get the door.  The dog starts freaking out now too because everyone is by the door!  Jacob finally says he'll open it and they find the book.  We sit on the couch, read the note and the story.
The kids were excited that Santa had come to visit us!  Then we had to find our Elf.  No one could find him so I finally did.  Then we had to name him.  Hannah said "Splashy", Jake said "Worker".  I said no.  I suggested "Henry", which Abby replied with "Herbie", which now seems to be either Herbie (Abby) or Hermie (Hannah and Jake).  So I guess it's actually Hermie now.  Who knows.
The Elf on the Shelf is actually quite genius. It's an easy way for parents to make their kids behave without actually having to do much work.  If they misbehave, just kindly remind them that the Elf is watching. I think there should be one for every holiday.
Welcome to the family Herbie/Hermie.  We are happy to have you :)


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