Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's ok Thursday! #3 {link up}

Its Ok Thursdays
Remember this Thursday...
It's ok...
- to eat half your kids pasta at take your child to work know they aren't going to finish it anyways!
- to run over a random kids foot with the stroller by accident at the fair because you were mesmerized with the chick at the fair wearing FUZZY PURPLE SOCKS AND MATCHING SLIPPERS. Wtf?
- to eat a mini fried dough alone at the above stated fair and not share with your kids because:
- to be so excited for your writing to be "published" on a big-named blog!!!
- to make everyone you know comment on the blog so it looks popular!
- to do shorter runs on the treadmill because you can't bare doing a longer one! (4 miles is my MAX)
- to feel completely overwhelmed with my upcoming move to Wordpress!
- to not be satisfied with ANY theme you have found thus far :/
- to long for a vacation...even though there are none in the near future.
- to be obsessed with strawberry-banana-yogurt-chia seed smoothies
What's ok with you today??



Courtney said...

So fried dough is ok but peanut butter pie isn't? At least peanut butter had some protein in it ;)

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