Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{wordless wednesday} field trip fun

Last week I had the pleasure of attending two of my kid's field trips.  I love being a stay-at-home mama for many reasons, the ability to attend events like this is one of them!  It's worth all the penny pinching to have these opportunities with my peas.

Jacob took his final field trip as a preschooler to Tucson Village Farm.  This is an urban farm that hosts field trips for kids to teach them the importance of whole foods and the value of farming.  The kids got to milk a fake cow, learn about grinding wheat, learn about how worms are an important part of agriculture and plant a sunflower seed! Hannah tagged along and acted like a true preschooler.

Here are a few highlights from our trip

Later in the week, I was able to attend Abby's trip to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.  For all my out of state friends, this is sort of like an outdoor zoo featuring all desert animals in their natural habitats.  It is such a great place to go and if it were closer to me, we'd go much more often!
I was in charge of four little 1st grade peas, with obviously felt very natural to me. :)
Here are some pictures of what we did



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