Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: (divided by 2) Things I have to sacrifice for quiet

Ahhhhh...nap time.  I remember that fondly.  Those days are long gone in my house.  Nap time has been replaced with "rest time", which is sort of the ugly, rude and smelly cousin of nap time. Rest Time can never live up to Nap Time.  No matter what Rest Time does, it can never be as loved and cherished as Nap Time is. 

Rest time in my house is a necessity, for both me and the peas, but mostly for me.  Rest time follows lunch and is suppose to be some "wind down" time for the kids that should leave them with a newly born sense of energy.  It also affords me some much needed time away from the peas, which are few and too far in between.  This isn't always how it works, though. 

I have to make some MAJOR sacrifices in order to make rest time work.  I couldn't think of ten things, hence "top ten Tuesday divided by two". So, here are five of them.

1. Sleep.  I can't close my eyes during rest time because the kids aren't sleeping.  If I close my eyes for even a moment, my house will probably be set on fire somehow.

2. I cannot work on a project that requires attention to detail.  I will be interrupted during rest time.  Many times.  So I still have to work on any important projects after they are in bed, which sucks.

3.  Cleanliness.  Rest time results in HUGE messes.  They kids always feel the need to bring out all their crap during this time.
This is currently what is happening during rest time today.  A big mess, Jacob is sitting on the laundry basket and Hannah is eating a bowl of shredded cheese. Greaaaat.
4. Quality programing.  One cannot watch a good show during rest.  The moment you even attempt to put on your favorite program, everyone and their brother will need a band aid, or a tissue, or something else as equally as ridiculous.  I personally stick with Judge Judy and/or The People's Court.  Entertaining enough but not too hard to follow when you are trying to put a band aid on someone at the same time.
5. My time AFTER rest.  It usually takes me at least 30 minutes after rest is over to clean up the aftermath that is the Atomic Bomb more commonly referred to as REST. 
One may be thinking...is it even worth it??  If they just get into everything and it makes more work for me later, why even have it??  WHY, you ask?  Because that hour of semi-quiet is worth all the toys, clothes and shredded cheese I have to pick up afterwards.  And just like naps, this precious time will soon too be a distant memory, just like my metabolism and bag-free eyes.  So I shall enjoy it while I can.  Plus, if it wasn't for rest, I never would have been able to write this post!  :)


Allison Showers-Chlup said...

Love this post because I can totally relate. Clem now has "quiet" time (and I am lucky if the twins take a nap at the same time no matter how hard I try). "Quiet" time definitely does not compare to naps, but it is still necessary or I just might lose my marbles (and I also spend a great deal of time picking up his room when it is all said and done!)

Anonymous said...

I need to brag for a minute here. My boys who are 15,16 never stopped napping! They still take naps after school and on non school days! p.s. this is mahogany woods :D

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