Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's ok Thursday! #2 {link up}

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok....
- to be so excited, and simultaneously exhausted, about going on two field trips this week!
- to feel you should start buying stock in Red Bull or Rockstars
- to be excited that you saved $160 at the grocery store and only spent $100 (thanks coupons!)
- to wear the same shirt twice in one week because a. it's adorable and b. no one saw you wear it
(see! I am not the only one!!)
- to still be stressing about your upcoming guest blog post with Totsy!!!!!
- to be excited to think that you should buy your own domain name for your "little" blog and make the upgrade to WP {eeekk!!}
- to feel like you deserve a new car for all the chauffeurring you are doing for your for REALS
- to have one of these days...oh I mean WEEKS...
- to hit snooze 3 times before you finally get out of bed for your early run...but then be so glad you did it!
- to be ready for summer...not because of the weather, but just so you can have some time to RELAX!
What's "ok" in your book?



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