Monday, April 8, 2013

{DIY} Race bib holder

My fellow runner friend had one of these race bib holders at her house and I LOVED it!  Her husband got it off of Etsy and after searching for them, I found out they were anywhere in between $30- $40 which I really didn't think I should be spending.  So, being such a "crafty" person,  I decided to make one!
This project cost me less than $15 and a few hours to make...probably less time for someone that doesn't three kids running around.
To make this, you will need:
11x14 beveled edge wooden plaque (I got this at Joann's)
acrylic paint, any color you wish
small paint brush or foam brush
mod podge
scrapbook paper, any pattern you wish
large nail
2- small "c" hooks
4- large "c" hooks (sometimes referred to as tea cup hooks)
This is the wooden plaque I used.  It cost $9.99 normally at Joann's but I used a 50% coupon so got it for $5, this was my most expensive item.
I chose to paint mine this pretty Robin's Egg Blue.  You will only need a small bottle and you won't use too much.  You can use any left over paint you have as well.
Paint the plaque with at least two coats of paint.  Make sure the first coat is dry before you do the second.
While the paint is drying, work on your words.  You can chose whatever you want to say.  I wanted to hang both mine and my husband's bibs so I tried to keep my phrase "gender neutral".  If it were just for mine, I would have written "Run like a girl!" but, alas, you must make sacrifices for a marriage :) 
Choose what you want to say and type it as large as you wish and in which ever font you like.  That was the hardest for me...I couldn't decide on the font!  Print it out in landscape mode on your paper.  Make sure your paper isn't too busy or else the words will be too hard to read.
Cut out your words and use some of the mod podge to glue them down on your board.  Then cover your entire board in mod podge and let it dry.  I did two full coats on mine.  It was dry clear, don't worry!
I bought these sawtooth photo hangers at Home Depot.  They were less than $2.  I wanted to hang two on the back just in case my running bling gets heavy ;)
Use the level to mark where you want them to be and use a pencil to mark the holes. They come with some teeny nails and it was hard to hold them to hammer them in so I used a larger nail and made a "starter hole" so the nail could sit in it and then I hammered it in.  Make sure they are level!
Ta-da!  Level and ready to hang.
Now onto the hooks.  Some running bibs are more narrow than others and some are wider.  The race bib holders I saw on Etsy had two sets of hooks, one more narrow than the others but I decided to use the most narrow I had use that as my size.  Then I hole punched the rest of my bibs so they fit.  This way, I could put them in order of when we ran them.  On the bottom, I hung the four larger hooks for our metals.  I just evenly spaced them across the bottom.  To hang the hooks, make a small starter hole with the same nail as before and just screw them in.  The wood is fairly soft and it is easy to screw them in. Make sure your screw backs aren't longer than the wood is!
Once you are done with the hooks, you are finished.  It is quite easy to make and didn't take too long.  I think it looks nice hanging up and is a good inspiration to see all of them! 
I hope you hang yours up with pride!  We have 10 bibs hanging and 5 metals...pretty cool!  I look forward to running more races so I can add more goodies to my display.
Happy Crafting!


Rose said...

Thank you for sharing this. This is perfect because it's all in 1 place and doesn't cost that much! It seemed fairly easy to make since you gave great step by step instructions.

Mejia Mamma said...

Thanks for the GREAT idea, made my own version last love!!!

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