Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thank you, Alex Doumak!

I've never met Mr. Doumak, but he will always hold a special place in my heart.

His work is so under-publizied, it's difficult to find an image of him on the Internet (trust me, I looked!)

He doesn't even have his own Wikipediea page.

He has, however, changed my life for the better.  He has made me a healthy and more fit mother.  He has given me moments of peace and quiet that no other person quite can.  He helps to keep me sane.

He is the modern inventor of the Marshmallow.

It is because of this small, cylindrical shaped sugary confection that I am afforded the ability to do great feats that only a mother can dream of doing.
Today I was able to run for 30 minutes (27 of those un-interrupted) AND do a 40 minute abbreviated p90x workout because of Mr. Doumak.
The other day I was able to take an ENTIRE shower (yes, even shaving!) ALONE because of his good work.
This man was a pioneer of his day; taking what was once a treat worthy only of a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt and turning into one of the best bargaining chips a mother can have.
Marshmallows are small, crumbless and fun to eat.  They are compact enough to carry on the go and come in all sorts of seasonal colors and shapes.
They are convenient, sweet and most kids love them.  Put them on a stick and they are even more appealing.
So the next time you need a moments of peace, need help cleaning the mess that mysteriously appeared "out of no where", need to squeeze in a workout, or a shower, or to iron for your husband and would like to conquer these feats without a small army of monsters under your feet: reach for a marshmallow.
The next time you need to run an unusual amounts of errands, or have to go to the craft store AGAIN, or need to type something on the computer: reach for the marshmallow.
Heading to church with the kids and just you??  Bring some mallows.
Need to potty train a toddler?  Get some mallows.
REALLY want to finish that episode of Downton Abbey??  Get the mallows!
Have a dream of being able to organize that bin of crap that has been looking at your for all those weeks??  Mallows are your key.
The lovely thing about these small treats, is just that: they are small.  A quick treat.  Don't make the mistake of giving them a bowl of them!!  Just one or two big guys or three or four minis.
Some parents call it "bribing".  I call it genius. 
Thank you Alex Doumak for giving me the ability to get through my day with enough sanity and energy to pour my glass of wine at bedtime.  You are a true American hero.
(Also, without him, we wouldn't have this guy:
and who wants to live in that world?!?
Not me, friends...not me.)


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