Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I may want to punch you in the face

It's that time again...Top Ten Tuesday!

Lots of things annoy me in the world.  Here are 10 specifically that make me want to punch someone in the face (politics free edition).

Do you do any of these?  Better watch out!

1. If you have a "who saved who?" bumper sticker on your car.  Really? Are you really questioning this?  Obviously you saved the dog, which is great, but your bumper sticker is stupid and you should be embarrassed for driving around with it.

2. People that use too many exclamation points in their Facebook statuses.  I get that you are excited about whatever you are sharing...but do you really needs 13 !!!!!!!!!  at the end of every sentence?!?!  Quit shouting at me!!!

3. People that don't know how to order their drink at Starbucks.  Listen, people, its coffee not rocket science.  It's not that difficult.  If you are unsure of what to get then step aside and let us who DO order and you can ponder the theory of coffee relativity on the side.  Let me also give you a tip:  the person who is behind the counter doesn't want to help you either. Odds are they hate you.  They hated you the moment you stepped up to the counter; and if you ask what their favorite drink it??  Well then, they have probably also cursed your significant other and your children as well. 

4. Stupid people.  Enough said.  We should just send all people that have no clue about life to an island someplace and let them fend for themselves.

5. People that use too many hash tags on Instagram or Twitter.  Hey, I LOVE hash tagging it...I just try and limit mine to 3-4 at the most. You also don't need to hash tag complete sentences #noonewantstotryanddecodewhatyouaresaying.  If you know someone that uses more than five #'s per picture, do us all a favor and have an intervention for them. 

6. Facebook liars.  No one's life is that great!!  This especially annoys me when it's mothers.  It's bullshit that everyday is the greatest day just because you are a mother.  You are full of shit.  You know it and we all do too, so do us all a favor and admit every once in a while that being a mother sucks and it hard.  It's OK to admit defeat, we've all been there. Let's all have a glass of wine together and forget about today.

7. Slow drivers.  I'm always in a rush so let's speed it up people.  The world would be a better place if we just always, at least, went the speed limit. Or 5-10 miles over it.

8. People that park their wagons in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store or at Target.  Having difficulty deciding which soup to buy??  That's OK, just pull over so us less-indecisive people can get our crap and move on. (to all AZ-ers..by "wagon" I mean "cart")

9. Publicly judgemental morons.  I judge everyone, I also have the common decency to do it with my girlfriends over wine, not on facebook.  So what is someone lets their kids watch tv, occasionally gets them McDonalds or didn't breastfeed?  So what if someone is gay, straight or somewhere in the middle?  Come on people...aren't we past this crap now?  Save those judgies for your friends, because most likely they hate all the same people as you and totally want to hear your rants....I know I would!

10. Anyone that writes "I just love my life!" as a Facebook status.  It's just annoying.  I also love my life, but I try to be sensitive to people that may not be loving on life as much at the moment.  Let's all be considerate, eh?

What makes you want to punch someone in the face?  Let's keep it politics-free people, because I could go on FOR DAYS if it wasn't!


Marissa said...

I am guilty of at least 3 of these things. I think I might have to duck! Lol

Marissa said...

I am guilty of at least 3 of these things. I think I might have to duck! Lol

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