Sunday, March 10, 2013

{crazy easy} DIY felt Disney shirt!

Starting tomorrow Abby has spirit week at school.  Monday is "Mickey Mouse" day...and guess who doesn't have a Mickey or Minnie shirt??  Yea, Abby.  She does have some Minnie ears that Mr. Pea bought for her on a business trip to FL once, but she "couldn't wear those" because that was "embarrassing". Soooo, that got me thinking that I could probably make one!  Then this blog post was born!
This shirt is seriously crazy easy to make.  It took me about 15 minutes to do in total.
Here is what you will need:
Mickey template
Minnie bow template (for Minnie, of course!)
two colors of felt
white felt for polka dots (if you are making a Minnie)
*washable* fabric glue
black puffy paint
*washable* sparkles
scissors, pen
Here are the templates that I used:

Cut out your templates and trace onto the felt with pen.  I didn't have any black so we chose pink for Minnie's head and Abby wanted blue for her bow.

Cut them out and use the glue to glue them on the shirt. Place something in between the shirt, so the glue doesn't seep through the shirt.  I used a paper bag.  Once the glue dries, you won't see it through the felt anymore.

For some added bling, I outlined the bow in black and sprinkled some washable pink glitter on it.  I also cut some small white polka dots for it as well. Let is dry flat overnight.
This shirt is super cute for everyday wear and can be customized for boys and girls!
We are actually taking our first family trip to Disneyland this fall and I know I will be making some for my kiddies to wear on our trip!!
Happy crafting!!


Anabelle said...

Cute! Wish I would have seen this earlier, I would have made one for myself.

Hierstein Clan said...

Ok...all i have is the scissors !!!

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