Friday, March 8, 2013

Happies and Crappies #4 {link up!}

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
It's Happies and Crappies Time!!!! Week #4
Is is Friday already???  Where did the week go??  Oh yea, I remember I caught my peas buggies and felt like poop for most of the week...OH YES, I REMEMBER NOW....
- I had Jacob's 1st T-ball meeting this week. I am BEYOND excited for him to start baseball!  I feel like he is "made" physically for baseball and I hope he loves it :) I can see him being an adorable high school boy playing....and I'll be the good looking, fit mama on the side lines...can't you picture it??  Me too...   As an added bonus, I know many of the mama's on the team and I highly enjoy their company so this season should be FUN!  I'm pretty sure we will need to "get together" to "plan team snacks" soon...I'll bring the wine!
- My hard working hubby gets a boys weekend trip to Chicago to visit his bestie!  I am over the moon for him because he deserves this.  Mr. Pea works very hard for us, and I am excited for him to have some fun with his friends.
- Well....Mr. Pea can't have all the fun, right??? Since he's having a boys weekend, I took it upon myself to plan a day with one of my besties Courtney to have some lunch and clearance rack shopping at the upscale mall in town.  Perhaps a cocktail will be ordered?? Maybe :)  Ok, for sure!  Then I want to hit up Lululemon who has ADORABLE running clothes.  Expensive, yes, so hence the "clearance rack" comment.  I can't wait!
-  I finally had some time to help out in Abby's class this week!  I love volunteering, it's just been hard with Mr. Pea's schedule.  I miss teaching sometimes, so helping out is enjoyable to me.
- Between being sick and having an unwelcome visitor (ladies, you get me!) I have felt like poop and did not do much running...I ran only 3 days this week, so far.  Last night I made myself get on the treadmill and ended up doing an hour on it!!  Which is great...but I am still up a few pounds in water weight....uggghhhgggg. week is a new week :)
- Because of the above stated two reasons, I have been SO tired.  This morning, I got up early and did a quick "morning" workout I found on Pinterest.  It actually made me feel like I had more energy!  I think I should be getting up early and doing it everyday...which is a crappy because I hate waking up.  Probably because at least one pea woke me up in the night for SOME reason...stay in bed mama can do a morning workout!!
Here is the morning workout I the bathroom, so no peas would hear me...
That was my week in a nutshell...I'd give it 3 stars.  Next week, I'm shooting for 5 :)


Anabelle said...

When's our first snack meeting?? It will certainly be intense so I'll also bring a bottle of wine! :)

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