Friday, March 29, 2013

Happies and Crappies #5 {link up!}

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Happy Friday all!

Being a stay at home mom that has a husband that works every weekend, Friday is really no different than any other day, but happy Friday to all of those who Friday is special!

Last week I did not do Happies and Crappies, because the crappies FAR out weighed the happies, and I just didn't have much free time.  I am glad that this week I had some happies I am excited to share!


- I have had more time to blog this week.  I have done a new post almost every day and have several recipes and projects in the works for next week.  This makes me VERY happy :)

- Shockingly my mileage for March wasn't too bad.  I plan on doing at least 3 miles today and tomorrow on the treadmill and with that added 6 miles, it will bring my March total to 83 miles and my year-to-date to 227.8.  I had really wanted to do 90 but with a week with no running, that wasn't going to happen.  As the weather gets hotter, it's gets more difficult to find time to run (+ Mr. Peas's work schedule never helps) but I will figure out a way to fit it in!

- I ran the Arizona Distance Classic this past weekend.  My friend Courtney, her sister Breanne and I all did a fantastic job and it was mucho fun.  I ran the quarter marathon in 1 hour and 3 minutes and came in 68th place out of 338 people!  I had REALLY wanted to come in under an hour, but with all the crappies we had the prior week, I didn't have too much free time for running, so I can't complain.

Don't we just look smashing??  We barely look sweaty :)
I had a nice man take this for me.  Please don't ask me what I am doing with my hand because I don't know.  I still like the pic though.
This was as soon as Courtney and Breanne finished.  They finished at the same time, two cute sisters :)  I am proud of both of them!
- Easter has completely snuck up on me this year.  I feel woefully unprepared, which isn't like me!  I did get some goodies for the peas and things for their eggs.  Unfortunately Mr. Pea is working so he won't be able to join us for church or dinner.  I will save him a plate of ham, though.  The other day, we colored eggs.  We only lost one solider during battle.
Mr. Pea and Hannah
The peas.  We have been using this same Dora tablecloth for all our painting and egg dying needs since Abby was 2.

Mama and the peas.

Mama and Jake...I look tired, someone should have told me.

The finished product!  Yes, that is a spider man egg, of course.
- I had a nice play date with some of my mommy friends.  The kids played in the pool and us mama's had a margarita.  It was perfection.
- The kids are in full swing with their spring sports.  It is fun for them to be so busy!  Abby is taking an art class every Monday and Jake is playing T-ball.  I know four of the mama's on Jake's team.  It is fun to sit and be the "cool moms" together.
- The kids spring sports are KILLING me!  I have literally driving all over town.  It figures that Jake's baseball is the same two nights Abby has her art class and also CCD.  Ugg....thank heavens Mr. Pea works right down the street from her two events because I am having to rush to drive her and drop her off and then turn around and drive ALL the way back to Rita Ranch for Jacob's events while he picks her up.  I need a glass of wine just thinking of all the gas I will be using!  At least they are cute and are enjoying their activities.
- We toured the cemeteries for my brother-in-law.  It is a "happy/crappy".  Crappy, for obvious reasons, but a happy that Mr. Pea has found a place he feels good about.  It's a difficult decision.  I will be glad when he is at peace.  I have a very unfinished feeling in my heart that is hard to explain.  When he has his place and his stone, then we can begin to heal.  Since this is a Catholic cemetery we can only have religious icons on his stone, so no Denver Bronco, but I plan on painting some rocks to place around his stone with all his favorite things.  I did the same for my Mom's grave.  It's my way of showing how much we loved him and miss him. 
How was your week??  Are you ready for April, because it's almost here!



Courtney said...

I love our post race picture!!! I agree that we do look rather smashing. Like we took a walk in the park not that we just ran 6+ miles!!! We're just that good.

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