Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: getting older

This is my first post in over a week....

This past Tuesday, my brother-in-law passed away very unexpectedly.  One of my many, many thoughts over the week was how to write my first blog post after this.  Should it be happy?  Sad?  Funny?  I didn't know.  I certainly have been a mixed ball of emotions as it was and didn't even know how to translate that into words.

Since it's Tuesday, and Top Ten Tuesdays are some of my most favorite posts to write, I decided to keep it happy, sad and funny; all wrapped into one. 

It still surprises me when people say "oh, I read your blog post the other day!"  I am still shocked that people read what I write.  My brother-in-law, Travis, told me he always read what I wrote and that he really enjoyed it. I took that as a compliment because he was one of the smartest people I knew.  Him and my husband have this uncanny ability to be really good at almost everything without even trying, which is always really aggravating.

So I dedicate this post, which is my 100th post, to Travis.  He was one of the most caring, kind, hilarious and smartest people I knew. He was my husband best friend, the best man at our wedding and our son's godfather.  He was an all-around great guy and will be missed by so many.  Love you Trav.

Top Ten Tuesday: why getting older can suck.

1. Losing people you love.  The past two blog posts have been about losing people that meant the world to me and it sucks balls.  Sure, people die when you are a kid, but you don't really notice.  My kids have really not had any clue what has been happening this past week and I envy them.  Innocence is bliss.

2. You have to work out to keep the body you used to not have to work out to have.  One silver lining this past week is we have gotten to see SO many friends from high school and college that we haven't seen in years.  Everyone said to me, "wow, you look great!" and I'm like, "yea, because I have to run like 5x a week to look like this!" In college, I never ran, I just drank beer, ate pizza and looked awesome.  Curse you aging!! {shaking fist}

3.  Gray hair...ugg

4.  Old skin..double ugg!  I made a collage of pics of Travis this week and couldn't get over how much my skin has lost that youthful glow!  Damn you skin!  I think it's time to invest in some heavy duty face creams.

5.  Responsibilities, obviously.  No longer is my most glaring decision, what to wear out tonight.  Now I have to decide about real shit, like college tuition for my kids...boring!

6. Bills.  Major real-life bills, not just my cell phone and the pizza guy.

7. You have to watch what you eat and eat weird things like chia seeds to help stay thin.

8. Moving away from your friends and family.  I hate this part the most.  I wish we could just all be together all of the time.

9. It takes you longer to recover...for everything.

10. Being tired.  I was never tired in college.  Now I am tired all the time!

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life as a wife and mommy and wouldn't change a thing (except maybe a bigger house).  I would be lying though, that I didn't wish I could go back to those good-old college days just for a weekend. Oh, to be thin, youthful and stupid.  The glory days.  Being 30-something is not too bad, either.  :)

Mr. Pea and his brother Travis at our wedding

Just a gem from college...see that youthful glow??  That glow says "no responsibilities" and that naive feeling that everyone will always be around no matter what.  I miss that feeling.  Those were some great times :)


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