Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dirty Girl Mud Run!!

Today I ran the Dirty Girl Mud Run with 9 other lovely ladies.  It was SO much fun!  We didn't all know each other to start, but by the end we were always remember each other as Team Superboobies!
I was asked by Dirty Girl to help promote the race and to get a team together and I was happy to do so, since this type of race is right up my alley! 
This race is a 5k and was a lot of fun.  It was at Old Tucson Studios so the terrain was rugged and deserty.  The obstacles weren't very challenging, but certainly made for lots of laughs from our team!!  There were quite a few watery ones, and the water was COLD!  One, we had to climb under a very low net crawling through the muddy water.  It was so funny.  We really enjoyed ourselves.
If you are looking for a fun and not too challenging of a race to do with your ladies, this one is for you!  The girls I was running with had never done one of these races before and they all agreed it was the perfect for beginners.
Here are some pictures from all the fun we had!

There was lots of music and a great atmosphere!
Add another race bib to my collection!  Since this race benefited the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I dedicated my run to the memory of my mama. <3
Here's half our Superboobie team ready to go!
This was my friend Wendy's first race ever, and I was SO proud of her doing it!  She did AH-mazing!
Team Superboobies finishes strong!
There wasn't as much mud as I thought...they should add more next time!
Celebratory beer!
Two more friends, Kim and Lisa, who were running a mud run for the first time...way to go ladies!
We got these adorable shirts to boot!  I'm still wearing mine now :)
Overall, we had a blast!  So many laughs and we got some running in as well.
Check out Dirty Girl Mud Run online:
I would definitely love to run this race again next year!  Plenty of running, laughs, sunshine, girliness...and some free beer, all for a great cause - now what's better than that?!?
Disclosure: In exchange for blogging pre- and post this event, I received a complimentary entry fee and a discount for my my fellow runner team mates! All opinions are my own :)


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