Monday, March 25, 2013

Scheduling Conflicts

I'm fed up!

All day long, I play the role of personal assistant to three demanding, busy and poorly paying individuals.  As soon as my eyes open to the feeling of someone poking me in the face with a finger, I am being asked do to something.

Can I have some juice?
Can I watch Spiderman?
Can I have a piece of cheese?
Where's my blanket?
No, where's my FLOWER blanket?
Can I have cereal?
Can I have more cereal?
Can you wipe my bum?
Can you blow my nose?
Can you help me wash my hands?
Can I have some milk?
Can I have a snack?
Can I have another snack?
Can I play outside?
Can I did a hole in the yard?
Can I give Biscuit a treat?
Can I play on the ipad?
Can I play on your phone?
Can I ride my bike?
Can I watch Mickey Mouse?
Can I have some ice cream?
Can you give me a piggy back ride?
Can you build me a web-shooter?
Can you clean up my milk that I spilled?
Can I color?
Can we play dog and you be my owner?
Can I have some more paper?
Can you print me a picture on the computer?
Can you sharpen my pencil?
Can I have another snack?
Can I eat cereal for dinner?

The demands go on and on and on and on.  I SWEAR I cannot go 3 minutes with out someone asking me for something. 

I shuttle them to all their important arrangements and appointments: school, doctors, CCD, t-ball, art class...back and forth, back and forth.

I am a mother and this is my job.  98% of the time, I do not mind and do my job with dignity and pride.  Occasionally I get mad at myself though.

Days will go by, and I'll realize that I haven't done any of MY things.  Why is it SO hard to make time for ME???  I can't seem to carve out 30 minutes everyday to workout or blog or both.  It's always such an ISSUE to find this extra time.  Sure, I could get up wicked early and workout...but that sucks and I don't want to; and sure, I would workout after they are in bed; which is fine on SOME nights but others I am tired and don't feel like it.

This week I am making a promise to myself to take these minutes that I need and make an appointment with MYSELF to run or workout or blog EVERYDAY.  I am going to get one of those "will return at this time" clock signs and hang it on my shirt. My oldest can tell time so she can translate to the little ones.  I will wear it and if I am asked for something, I will just point to the shirt.

No more scheduling conflicts with my bosses...sometimes even the personal assistant needs a break!

Do you need a "will return at this time" shirt too??  Tell me why below!!

Here are my bosses...they don't look demanding, but looks can be deceiving!!


Love Meghan said...

good for you! my daughter is 15-months-old and can't ask for things like this quite yet, but i already feel like i need one of these shirts! i usually get up wicked early to work out... bleh.

Anabelle said...

This post gave me some anxiety! Oh the questions and I get all those from just ONE! Ugh! I'll buy that shirt for sure

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