Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top ten Tuesday: Why I hate Valentine's Day

Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons why I hate Valentine's Day

Sorry folks, it's true.  Valentine's Day is the WORST holiday.  It's a Hallmark holiday full of obligation, pressure and hideous hearts.  There is no secret back story, no sad, torrid love story of why I dislike Valentine's Day.  Mr. Pea and I have been together since 2000 so it's not like I haven't been in love all of my adult Valentine's Days.  I just think it's lame....and here is why.

Ten reasons why I dislike Valentine's Day:

1. I hate the color red.  Yuck.

2. Valentine's Day BY FAR has the worst fashion sense of all holidays.  There is no way to make V-Day sheik....it always looks like someone ate too many conversation hearts and threw up everywhere.

3.  It's a waste of money. Why do people have to feel obligated to spend a bunch of money on this crap?  We just had Christmas for pete's sake!  Can't we have a few months before we are obligated to buy more shit for people???

4.  Candy is the gift of choice.  I usually give up sweets for Lent, which Valentine's Day will sometimes fall during so I can't even have them..and plus, I am trying to get ready for the 9 month long Arizona summer here!!!  No extra calories, please!!!

5. Valentine's Day was an invented holiday from the start.  It was started to divert attention from some pagan holiday that Christian's didn't want people celebrating...way to go early Christians!  Look what you did!

6.  Too much obligation.  I love love and romance, but why do I need a special day for Mr. Pea to tell me so??  I don't...and he better tell me everyday, dammit!  I also feel for the people who don't have someone special in their lives.  Such a stigma not to be "in love" on V-Day.  :(

7.  I think the kiddies passing out Valentine's in school are cute, and I know they enjoy it.  But us mama's are always feeling the pressure to "step it up".  No longer is it ok just to hand make cute "thanks for being my friend" cards...now we feel like we have to bake, make lollipops or spend $30 putting together goodie bags for all their friends!  More money!

8.  People use the spelling of love "luv" a lot on this day, which I just find annoying.  Come on people, it's only four letters....are you that lazy?

9.  My Fry's takes away 10 of the closest parking spots to construct a tent for lazy and procrastinating men to quickly get overpriced flowers and candy for their wives or girlfriends.  I have three kids...I like those closer parking spots.  Get that dang tent out of there!  The inside of Fry's isn't much better...I can barely make it through the produce section without tripping over a flower or stuffed bear display or being strangled by a barrage of balloon strings hanging from the ceiling.

10.  Cheesy romantic comedies.  Lame.


casV said...

Boo. I love Valentine's Day. But, that's because its my birthday. :) I also love the color red...its a power color. We will just agree to disagree. :)

Courtney said...

Alright twin, after always agreeing on EVERYTHING I guess it's about time we don't agree on something. And I guess Valentines Day it is. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentines Day. I love telling people how much I love them, and while I do this on a regular basis why not have a day devoted to our loved ones!

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