Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saving the dirty run at a time

I like running; running straight races and muddy obstacle runs.  They are different animals and require different training.  These mud runs are a nice change of pace and are LOTS of fun.  I have done a few in the past and they are always a good time.

I have been invited to get together a team for The Dirty Girl mud run and am VERY excited about it!!!  This race is ladies only and is a 5k muddy obstacle course that will be held here in Tucson at Old Tucson Studios on March 2nd.

What makes this race special is that part of the proceeds goes to benefit The National Breast Cancer Foundation, which is a cause very near and dear to me.  As most of you know, my mom lost her battle with breast cancer last March, and the race will take place 9 days before the one year anniversary of her passing.  Running this race will be a tribute to her and all others who have struggled with this b of a cancer.

This 5k race will feature 11 obstacles with such hilarious names as "utopian tubes" and the "PMS" (pretty muddy stuff).  Good thing no boys are allowed because all this lady talk will sure make them blush!!  This un-timed race is a great beginners course for newbies and a fun time for running pros.

When you sign up you get a t-shirt and a dirty girl key chain.  You also get a free drink at the end, and the icon was of a Cosmo so I am hopeful that will be the bev of choice!!

Keeping in line with the breast cancer theme, I decided to name my team the SuperBoobies....clever, eh???  I already have visions of adorable shirts with a Superman-esk hot pink SB on the front...and perhaps a cape???  There are prizes for best team names and costumes.

Want to run with me and join my team??  Log onto the Dirty Girl Run site here:  and then click on "event schedule" and pick Tucson, March 2nd.
When you register, find my team name, SuperBoobies and sign up!!!!  We are the 8:30 wave to run.  Being the coupon ninja, I scored us a code.  Enter code DGTUBLOG20 and receive 20% off your registration!!! 

So spread the word, invite your friends and come get dirty with the SuperBoobies!  Anyone is welcome, the more the merrier.  Don't be shy if this is your first have to start some place!!

Here are some photos of past races:

This run will be a great time and supports a great cause.  Come join the SuperBoobies and help me save the dirty run at a time!!!


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