Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hannah's birthday- part two!

Hannah celebrated her 3rd birthday this weekend! 
Here are some highlights from her party :)

Hannah one present on her actual birthday; she got a new pony!

Here's the birthday girl!
Party girl in her new shirt and tutu.
Bouncy castle fun!

Having fun
Ms. Courtney pushing Hannah on the swing!
A new Lala loopsey doll!

Having fun opening her presents

Just Mama and Daddy were with her when she blew out her candle. She was feeling a bit shy.

Later the peas had some bounce time in their pj's with Ms. Courtney!
Overall, the party was a success.  She was one happy 3 year old :)


Courtney said...

You did a great job planning her party :) Can't wait for Jake's Spider-Man bounce house ;)

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