Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lenten Sacrifices

The Lenten season is almost upon us!  This year I am giving up all snack foods and's sort of like, "dieting for Jesus".  Hopefully I'll lose an extra pound or two as an added bonus :)

My kiddies are too young for them to give up something for Lent yet, but when they are ready, I've prepared a list of things for them to choose from as options:

- fighting
- whining
- making messes
- leaving crumbs everywhere
- squeezing toothpaste on the counter and leaving it
- crying
- staining clothes
- forgetting to bring their things in from the car
- waking up super early everyday
- not flushing the potty
- screaming
- being "full" after 3 bites of dinner
- requesting dessert after announcing they are "full"
- throwing temper tantrums
- losing things
- wanting to watch 300 episodes of Spider man a day
- coming out of their beds at night

40 days without any of these would be FANTASTIC!!  Take your pic Peas...the world is your oyster.


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