Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pom Pom necklace and a giveaway!

Last night, my friend Courtney and I had a wine and crafting night and decided to try our hand making some pom pom necklaces.  Well, as luck would have it, they turned out ADORABLE!  We each made a coral and turquoise one; perfect for spring and summer.
I wanted to share how we made them, so all can enjoy. :)

Supplies needed:
fabric of choice.  (we used three fabrics per necklace, one solid and two patterns)
20 in jewerly chain
wire cutters
hot glue, glue gun and scissors

 You will need to make 5 flowers per necklace.  We chose to make two of the solid, two of one pattern and one of the other.  You can mix up your patterns and colors. Crafters choice!
Cut a 2-in felt circle per flower and 10-12 fabric circles of the same size per flower.  Hot glue each fabric circle in half and then in half again so you have little triangle-shaped pieces of fabric.

 Glue four down in a circular pattern on the felt circle, the glue four on top of those and two on the very top center.  If it has any spaces, add more felt triangles so it looks nice and full.
When you are done, you will have a fabric pom pom! Make 5 total per necklace.  This is similar to a flower I have made for my wreaths, just done in all fabric. 

Decide on how you want your flowers to be arranged on your necklace and hot glue the chain onto the backs of your two end flowers.  We bought a 40 in chain and cut it in half with wire cutters, making sure it would be big enough to slip over our heads!  Glue all the poms onto a large piece of felt and then cut around it so that it holds the poms together, but cannot be seen when you are wearing it.

Ta-da!  Here I am wearing my coraly-pinkish one!  My 7 yr old took the pic so keep that in mind.  It looks super cute and very springy.
In celebration of our beautiful creation, I want to hold my first ever give away!!  I want to make one of these necklaces for a lucky reader. 
 If you would like to own one, here's how you enter:
1. Comment below ON THE BLOG, and let me know which color you would want.
2. For an extra entery, follow me on my blog by signing up to the right and then comment again letting me know you did so!  You can also spread the love by sharing this giveaway on your facebook.
This giveaway will end Sunday February 17th at 7:00pm AZ time.  Good luck!


Allison Showers-Chlup said...

I could always use a new necklace, especially such a cute one! I am a turquoise kind of girl. You are so creative Michelle! Love it. :)

Allison Showers-Chlup said...

Okay . . .so I am following your blog . . .or at least I think I am. Your the first blog that I am following. I love reading your posts. They always bring a smile to my face. :)

Courtney said...

Excited for your first giveaway :) I'm equally excited for our next craft night!

Marissa said...

Cute, my favorite blog was "go to bed"! Hilarious!!

Marissa said...

Cute, my favorite blog was "go to bed"! Hilarious!!

Anabelle said...

Well, I love both of them. I'm an indecisive person. Just sayin.

casV said...

I am entering to win. I want one!! :)

MaeveBe said...

id love to win the blue one!

Cassandra McAllister said...

I would like a pink one!

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