Sunday, February 17, 2013

A "cross fit" treadmill workout

This girl has a nice butt.  I do not.
In order for me to attempt to get a nicer butt, I run.  But just running at roughly the same speed for varying distances isn't quite enough.  I believe that Tony Horton calls it "muscle confusion" and I am sure there is a lot of science to back it up, but I don't have time to read all of that so I will just take his word for it.
Some days I don't have the luxury of running outside so then I will use my treadmill.  I can't run distance runs on it though, it's just too boring.  In order to "spice it up" some, I like to do different types of workouts, usually totaling no more than 4 miles, which is about my max attention span on the TM.  Sometimes I vary the incline and do a "hills" run, sometimes I vary the speed and do a "interval" run.  This week I tried a "cross fit" run and it was fun!  It went by fast too.
I want to share what I did, so you can try it out some time.
Cross fit is like the king of muscle confusion, so basically I have added a mini workout in the middle of my running.
I set the incline at a 3, because I wasn't in the mood for too major of a hill.
Run 1/2 mile on a 6 mph
 Stop and do:
10 push ups
20 squats
30 lunges
*repeat 6 times
I alternated my speed slightly but running a 6 for the first 1/2 mile, a 6.5 on the second, then a 6 again, 6.5 again...yadda, yadda.  You get the picture.  It was a bit harder than I would've thought, or else I would have bumped it up to a 7.  Next time I will try that though.  This three mile workout packed quite a punch and I enjoyed it. 
It's nice to add some variety into your workouts....and also remember:

This is good to keep in mind :)


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