Monday, February 4, 2013

Hannah's party- part one

My littlest pea had her 3rd birthday party this weekend!!

She was so excited to see her friends and jump in the jumpy castle.  Since she is only three, we decided to keep things mellow and not go too over the top.

Here are some of the treats I made for her mermaid party.  Please bear in mind I don't have a fancy camera nor any photography skills so my pictures are only so-so.  You'll get the hint, though ;)

Here is the dessert table.  I went with a pink and blue theme since these are her two favorite colors and they fit with the mermaids.

I made strawberry cupcakes with a cream cheese icing.  I purchased these cupcake toppers from a shop on Etsy and had them edited to show her name and age.  Very cute!

More cupcakes and a #3 candle, of course.

Octopus pops!!  Or, Dr. Octopus pops, like she referred to them as. (my kids are on a huge spider man kick right now) VERY easy to make and made such a cute addition to the table.  To make them, I made an 8 pointed star on wax paper with the chocolate and let it set.  I stuck the sticks in the chocolate and let them set as well.  After about 15 minutes, I dunked the mallow pops in the same pink chocolate and then placed two eye candies on them, which I just bought at Joann's, and then placed each octopus on it's tentacles.  Easy Peasy.

 Oreo Truffle cake pops and regular chocolate dipped oreos.  I used the same pink and blue chocolate and sprinkles for all the treats.  I used my new cake pop holder (see left of picture) to display some and then buckets for the rest.  A trick: fill the buckets up with dry beans first and then add a layer of m and m's or sprinkles for the top to display.  This saves money so you don't have to fill up the whole bucket with candy.

Chocolate ocean themed thank you pops.  I was so busy being the hostess with the mostest many people forgot to leave with these.  I think I will be reusing the remainder for part of Abby's Valentine's treats for her class :)

I made this cute sign for the center of the food table. I didn't want to go and spend a fortune on mermaid stuff from the party store so I just hand made a few. I set out some sea shells as well.

The food table.  We served fruit kabobs, fishies, chips and dip and grilled hamburgs and hot dogs.  We carried this party over to the Superbowl and brought out lots more yummy treats later.

We had beer, water, soda and capri suns outside and then pink lemonade and pink party punch (adults only) inside!  It was a fun and simple party.  She had a blast!
Here are some of the links I used for my recipes:
* The cupcake and frosting were my own.
* Blue jell-o fish bowls: (note: I could NOT get the fishes to "slide" in the jell-o like Martha said so mine just floated on top...a bit less attractive but relatively the same effect)
Tomorrow I will share some of the pictures of her birthday!!


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