Friday, February 22, 2013

Happies and Crappies! #3

Happies and Crappies!!

How was every one's week??  Here's what I did!

* Snow!  We had 5 inches of snow this week, which is unusual for Tucson, to say the least.  Being a native New Englander I am no stranger to snow and miss it every winter.  It was fun to have it fall for a whole day and also to watch the peas play in it.

Now THAT is some snow!
* Rodeo break: The peas were off of school yesterday and today and while we didn't travel anywhere, we did get to go out to lunch and over to the zoo.
* The Tough Mudder is this Sunday!!  Wow, that came fast!  I am excited to make it through this colossal muddy race with Mr. Pea by my should be fun!!
* The peas appear to be getting sick, AGAIN.  Nothing like the last crud that came through the house but still coughs and runny noses are a plenty.
*The Tough Mudder is this Sunday!!  Holy crap, that SERIOUSLY came fast.  I am SUPER nervous about certain obstacles, like the giant wall Everest.  I am praying I don't smack my face against it :/ Wish me luck...I may need it.
Yea, this beast here.  It says "no quit in here", so does that mean I can't go around it?!?
Hopefully next week's Happies and Crappies won't all be crappies about how crappy I feel because I smacked my face on the wall! 

And...again for some strange reason, STILL cannot get the link up button to actually LINK so please check out
My goal is to have this figured out for next week :)


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