Thursday, February 21, 2013

Downeast basics blogger mixer!

This week, some blogging buddies and I were invited to come check out the new spring line of clothes at Downeast Basics!  It was oodles of fun mingling and chatting...oh, and shopping too!  And what's more fun that that!!

Our local store is in the Tucson Mall, upstairs by Penny's.  I have been in the store before and I like it's "boutique" feel.  All the clothes are organized by color and style so it's easy to be drawn to each section.  I, of course, was drawn to the blue and greens...and they had lots of new spring green items to choose from!

Their clothes are, what I would describe as "preppy sheik".  They are classic pieces that can be paired with many items, which makes putting together outfits a breeze.  It's like a grown-up version of Forever 21 ;)  They are feminine and stylish, acceptable for work, shopping or going out with friends or just the kiddies.  The BEST thing is that they are AFFORDABLE, which is a MAJOR plus in my book!  Being a stay at home mom means I am on a budget, but I still like to look cute!  Downeast Basics is the perfect place to shop for that. 

They had a nice clearance section as well, where they had some of their fall/winter items on sale for great prices!
When you have found your perfect outfit, they had a large section of clearance and regular priced jewelry and accessories to wrap it all together!
Here is my adorable friend Courtney shopping with me!!  She can make any outfit look fabulous :)
Here is part of my new green outfit. The boat neck 3/4 lenght tee is SUPER soft and comfy.  Perfect for any season.  Behind it, is my new favorite cardigan sweater.  It had cutie-patootie stripes and is thin enough for a Tucson summer evening.  Also, it was long, which I LOVE.  I don't tops that are too short.  I paired it with some uber-comfy black fleece-lined leggings.  Holy comfortable!!  Wearing these makes people wonder...hmmm...did she just get off the treadmill or had she been this fashionable since she woke up?!?  No one will know :)  I also snagged a pair of silvery blue leggings as well.  I found an additional coupon to use {of course!} so I was a happy camper!
Here we are! Aren't we cute??  Don't be deceived...I am NOT sleeping...not quite sure what's happening with my eyes though!  Courtney, Anabelle and I had a blast shopping and are already over due for another shopping date :)
So if you are in the market for some new ADORABLE and well-priced spring clothes, head over to Downeast and check them out!!
Browse their social media sites as well:

Here are the blogs of my fellow blogging buddies that were shopping with us!


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