Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top ten Tuesday (again, a day late)

With 2013 quickly approaching, I've complied a list of things I'd like to work more on in the new year!

Top ten things I want to do better or more of in 2013:
1. Lose 10 pounds, seriously!
2. Run at least 3x a week.  Life gets busy and my stuff is usually the first to be put to the side.  I'd like to focus on this more!
3. Drink more water. Not in replace of wine or chai though....that would just be crazy!
4. Work on making freezer meals.  I've had a pinterest board full of freezer meals for a year and haven't made a single one!
5. Make it to Disney for the first time with the peas in the fall.
6. Have more occasions to go out with my husband and wear clothes with buttons.
7. Take more pics WITH my kids.
8. Blog more often and on time (hence, no more Top Ten Tuesdays on a Wednesday)
9. Be more patient; for being a mama can be tough some days.
10. Focus on the importance of everyday blessings and to take nothing for granted.  It's easy to wish for days to end, to be exhausted and annoyed.  We all have those days and nothing can change that.  If the tragedy in Connecticut has taught us anything, it's that it serves as a reminder how precious life is and easily it can be taken away.  I vow to make every day count and to treasure every hug and kiss from my peas.  Will I still blog about the stressful realities of motherhood?? Sure.  But that won't ever change how much I love my peas and that I wouldn't trade a single one of those stressful days for anything <3

I'm looking forward to the new year!  What are you going to focus on more??


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