Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top ten things I love about wine in a box!

Welcome to the first edition of Top Ten Tuesday!  I thought it would be fun for every Tuesday to share ten things, some that I love and some that I hate.  Who DOESN'T want to know my opinion on everything?!?

Top Ten Tuesday, Boxed Wine Edition
Ten things I love about box wine

1. It's cheap!  $12.99 at fry's for 5 liters of wine!!
2. The box tells me I am saving the Earth by using less packaging.
3. No corks to open.
4. Who doesn't love squares?!
5. It has an easy to pour twisty spout.
6. Less trips to Fry's because it lasts me longer.
7. Less noise when the recycling truck comes to pick up my barrel every week.
8. It doesn't taste bad, if you find the right kind!
9. Simple to choose the kind you want: red or white, pick one and you are done.
10. They actually sell purses you can carry around the bag from your boxed wine! No joke, right?? I don't own one of these but it is a nice and classy way to bring a box of wine into a party or perhaps a place that doesn't sell wine.  Can't do that with a bottle!!
**please note: I still very much so love wine in a bottle but when a girl's on a budget, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;)


Ami said...

I freaking love my red wine in a box. :) I concur completely!

Courtney said...

Box wine = fabulous! I particularly love juice box wine ;)

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