Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Confession

So, before you are a mother, your head is full of visions of how it will be someday when you become a parent: lazy days full of snuggles, joyful crafts sessions where the mess doesn't matter, little angels falling asleep peacefully in their beds without fuss.  Then you become a mother and you realize that, while these moments do exist, most days are full of mini triumphs and many small struggles.  Instead of lazy days; your days are filled to the brim with things to do and not enough time to do them...instead of crafts, there are more just messes...and very few evenings end the way you plan.  Now, this doesn't mean that these days aren't memorable and full of love, they are just a bit different then they were with your rose-colored glasses on.

Before you are a mother, there are certain events that you are led to believe are a MUST to do AND enjoy with your kids.  Things like crafts, reading, walks, bike rides and building blocks fall into this category.  We all do these, but do we really enjoy ALL of them??  Probably at one time or another we do, but if you are like me, then you may have days that these sort of obligatory events are less than pleasurable.  But, rare is a mother that will admit it.  Who me???  NEVER!  I LOVE doing things with my kids ALL day.  I am a perfect mother, didn't you know??? 

Well, I am going to be the first to make a confession.  Loud and online.  Permanent and for all the world (or at least the anyone that reads my blog) to see.  There is one of these obligatory events that really can't stand doing {most days} with my kids.

Ready?  Are you going to judge me? 

I'm sure some of you will....

BAKING WITH MY KIDS.  Ugg!  I can't stand it!  Phew, that was liberating to say!

Yes, I LOVE baking.  I really truly enjoy it.  It's fun trying out new recipes and new techniques.  My kids, however, ALWAYS want to help.  I know this seems terrible to say, but I'd really rather they didn't.  I know they mean well, and it isn't really their fault, but I just find them to be in the way when I'm baking!  Our kitchen is an ok size, but not nearly big enough for all of us to be at the counter at the same time.  They usually make 3x as much of a mess as I would do and it'll take me 3x as long as normal.

And the worst thing is they are ALWAYS trying to lick all the ingredients!  I mean, come on!!!  Just because the butter is there on the counter doesn't mean you stick your finger in it!!  It's a guarantee that if I have ever baked something for you and I let the kids help, their fingers and spit were in the dish before it baked. (Sorry Santa!)

Now, of course, I will let them help sometimes, and it is fun for all of us {sort of}.  It does build memories they were cherish forever and messes that take equally as long to clean up....

Do some of you think I am a bad mommy?!?  Maybe.  Oh well, can't please everyone!  I have to share everything I do.  I can't pee, shower, sit on the couch, shop or have a snack alone.  I really enjoy baking and running alone and I'm keeping it that way!

Well, that was a weight off my chest!  Am I alone in this??  Does anyone else have a confession they want to make??  Feel free to share...and as all us mommies know, sharing is caring :)


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