Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions for one and all

New year's resolutions are a sham.  Basically, it's shit we should already be doing, but are too lazy to for whatever reason, and we use the "new year" as an excuse to say "Yea, I'm finally going to _____!" Whoo-hoo!  But, I usually jump on that bandwagon as well, trying to pick a few things I'd like to do more or less of to help make me a better person (is that even possible?!?) I advise you to make a few different ones, just in case you can't keep them all, and then you don't feel like a total failure!  I made a list of ten things I want to work on a few posts back.  This way, statistically I have a decent chance of keeping a few through out the year.

I decided to ask the peas what their New Year's resolutions are going to be and after attempting to explain what that meant, here were their responses:

Hannah: "I want to play doctor more." (as she was actually playing doctor)  Good choice

Jacob: "I want to do more science and finally become Spider man."  Lofty goal, my son, but I'll support you.

Abigail: "I want to do more grown up stuff like bake and run with you." What the heck??  Doesn't she know that these two are my sacred ALONE time activities??  Blah!

Here's what I would've like for them to have said:

Hannah:  "I'm going to stay in my bed when you tuck me in because I realize that you are ready for your alone time."

Jacob: "I'm going to whine less and quit grinding up my bread on the table when I eat a sandwich so that I will minimize your clean-up time after a meal."

Abigail: "I am going to stop constantly whistling, because I know how aggravated it makes you."


As for Mr. Pea, he's usually quite good at keeping a resolution if he makes one.  Two years ago, he vowed to floss everyday and two years later he still is.  If I were to make one for him this year it would be "I will plan more date nights, on my own, and not say 'I don't care what we do' when you are trying to plan a night out."  That would be super, thanks! :)

If I had to make a resolution for the world it be a two-parter: one: Ladies, stop taking self-pics.  It's super annoying. Ask a friend to do it for you.  And two: people need to stop being such self-centered ass-holes.  It's getting old, people.  Take care of one another and our Earth. We are all that we've got.  We don't want end up like the tubs o'lard living on the Axiom on Wall-e because we couldn't take care of the things that were the most important, do we?!?  I didn't think so.

So happy New Year's everyone!  2012 wasn't my most favorite of years, so here's to wishing for a better one, filled with happy days and peaceful nights (unless I'm going out, then a party-riffic night!); glasses constantly full of wine and houses that magically clean themselves; kids that don't argue nor whine and that sleep into 7:30 on a Saturday and that, most importantly, everyone that I love stays put. :)

It's almost 2013, bring it on, year!


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