Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Liar, liar pants on fire

So this adorable boy, is a BIG fibber...
Oh yea...this kid can tell some stories.

He has quite a vivid imagination. 

Lately, he has been telling these stories about school.  We eat lunch fairly soon after he gets home from school and while we are eating, that's when the stories usually come out.

Me: "How was your day Jake?"
Jake: "It was good.  Let me tell you everything I did."  Then he starts talking about what he did.  It usually starts off normal. "I played with play doh.  I painted.  Ms. Debbie read me a story"  But then he sometimes will start off with this outrageous tale.
Jake: "Then, we went outside and a HUGE boy came late to school and he stomped on all the playground!  He was so mean, Ms. Courtney said he couldn't come back.  So his mom had to come pick him up but she was so huge too that she couldn't drive a car so she had to walk and it took her forever to come and he just kept stomping until she did."

What the what?!?  Really Jake?

Another gem:
Jake: "I was building an awesome block tower and then a super mean boy came and punched me and knocked down all my blocks.  I was going to be sad but then I just put my Spiderman suit and trapped him in a web and Ms. Debbie put him in a closet until his mom could come and take him home."

Sounds like an average day at preschool, right???  Sure.

One last one...
Jake: "I was painting at school today and then I stopped because I heard a noise.  I told Ms. Courtney about the noise and so we went outside to look at it, but then it was recess so we all went outside and the noise was a hairy dog running on the playground!  He was going down the slides and in the tires.  My teachers caught him in a net.  Then I went down the slide and then you came to get me."

Too many super hero shows, Jacob?  Perhaps, just a tad...


Courtney said...

Ummmm what are you taking about? Those things TOTALLY happen ;)

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