Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Wreath and a Distraction

Tonight, I am still so sad about all these babies in Connecticut.  I can't stop thinking about them, having a daughter the same age.  I decided I needed a distraction, so I made myself a Christmas wreath.

Pretty, huh??
I think so!  And after making so many wreaths lately for other people, I was glad to make one for me; since I did not have a Christmas one yet.
I am also excited because I made a NEW flower for my wreath!  A poinsettia!  So pretty and easy to make.
Here's what you will need for this wreath:
- red, green and white yarn
- red and white striped bakers twine
- red, beige, and green felt
- red and white flower bulbs (I chose sparkly white and solid red)
- large wreath (I chose a straw wreath, since it's wider)
- glue gun and hot glue

A few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to make myself a holiday wreath, after I was done with the teacher wreaths.  I bought a straw wreath to make this, since it's fatter.  It is, however, not a smooth surface, so it gives a slightly "bumpy" look to the wreath, so keep that in mind.  You can choose a Styrofoam one if you'd prefer a smoother look. 

I had some left over red and white from the teachers wreathes so I used that and then got a pretty green from my friend Vanna.  It's a bit thicker of a yarn from the red and white so was quicker to wrap. 
After wrapping each color, I had some red and white striped bakers twine that I have been wanting to use so I decided to wrap that in between each section.  I forgot to take a picture of that, but you will see it in the final picture. 
To make the adorable poinsettia, I cut four strips of red felt and then cut 8 large petals, 16 medium petals and 6 small petals.  I also cut a 2 in diameter circle out of red.
After cutting the petal shape, out of all the strips, I glued the large ones down first, and the two layers of medium ones and one layer of small ones.  I cut a small beige circle to place in the center.
It's sort of hard to see the layers, but you can see it on the finished one.
I glued my beads down and then tied with some green yarn.
To make my leaves, I used two colors of green and glued them on top of one another. I hot glued these down behind the flower.
Glue the flower on top of the beads and then the leaves behind it and you are done.  I tied some green ribbon on top to hang it.
It's a very pretty wreath!  I'm excited to hang it in my house :)
I hope you find inspiration in my new endeavour.
Happy crafting!
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