Monday, December 3, 2012

Morning in the Thomas House

It's no secret that my kids go to bed early. I have always believed in routines for my kids and try my best to stick to them.  My kids have ALWAYS been early risers, no matter what time they go to bed they get up early.  Always.  It's just my peas, that's how they roll.  Occasionally they'll go through a lovely stage where they will sleep until 7:00.  It's doesn't happen often.  Most days they are up at 6:30, which is early, but is when they have to get up for school anyways so I deal with it!
Mornings are funny in my house.  Each pea has their own morning personality.  When we don't have any place to be, it's nice.  We can get up, probably still at 6:30, and relax. When we have to get up and be someplace by a certain time, that's when all hell will break loose.
I set my alarm everyday for 5:30, in hopes of having some "me time" before I have to get the kids up. Jacob has some uncanny ability, though, to sense when ever I get up, no matter what time.  He comes in our room and just breathes weird.  It's rather annoying. I usually tell him to go play in his room so I don't have to have an audience while I pee and brush my teeth.  I will now only have about 10 minutes before he starts whining for juice and cheese.  Yes, cheese.  Everyday.  Super annoying. 
Now we enter the living room, I'll attempt to put the water on for some tea, while Jacob is still following me with more whining.  I'll get his crap then usually have to wake Abby.  She is becoming increasingly more difficult to get out of bed.  She's not too bad yet, but definitely wakes up with an attitude!!  It's like 12 hours of sleep aren't enough for her.  Hannah will wake up on her own at some point, prpbably crabby.  I try to do a quick and easy breakfast and the kids have a snack table in the living room that I let them eat at.  Here's where the fight begins. For like two years, Abby always sat in the "middle" of the couch.  Jacob and Hannah never really said anything until recently.  Now suddenly EVERYONE wants to sit in the middle.  I have had to make up a "middle" schedule so that everyone gets a turn.  It is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have ever has to do as a mom!  If I forget who's turn it is, everyone is crying and throwing fits.  Usually I've barely had time to drink 3 sips of my tea. 
After breakfast, I get three bodies dressed, three mouths of teeth brushed, three sets of shoes on, diffuse a few more tantrums, find some missing item that someone needs so desperately that one cannot live without, and hopefully are out the door to school on time, not forgetting anything.

About 20 minutes after everyone is up, I am already looking forward to bedtime again :)


Kimberly Hess said...

This is hilarious!!Hayden is a huge cheese eater as well :)

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