Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 things I did NOT miss in Vegas

This weekend I took a ladies only trip with my two Wives Club besties Wendy and Marissa. (All of our hubby's work together, hence why we are "The Wives Club") We had LOTS of fun.  In honor of my trip, here is a Vegas-themed Top Ten Tuesday!

Top ten things I did NOT miss while in Vegas!

1. Being forced to wake up early by a poke to my shoulder while it's still dark out. (even though I did wake up by 7:30 each day anyways, but that's better than 6:30!)

2. Having to get up 300 times during my meals to get someone something.

3. Having to cut everyone food first.

4. Not being able to have a Bloody Mary and/or Mimosa straight away in the morning because I have to be "mom" and "pay attention" to my kids. ;)

5. Not having to worry about anyone but myself while crossing the street.

6. Paying for drinks (it's quite easy to drink and do things for free in Vegas.  I had MANY drinks bought for us while we were gone AND got us in the club we went to FOR FREE even though the girls in front of us were told "it was full" Ohhhh yea...that's right!  I liked to refer to it as Vegas Couponing)

7. Someone asking me "Can I have that?" about everything, constantly {my food, my drinks, my money}

8. Having to make multiple beds.

9. The illegality of walking around on the streets without a drink in my hand.

10. Doing dishes.

** I did miss my babies and my hubby when I was gone and was glad to come home, but I still had a blast with my ladies.  Even us Mamas need a break now and again!! 


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