Monday, January 7, 2013

Craftastic Monday

Yay!  It's Monday and back to school for Abigail.  I am happy for her to be in school, she tends to get bored quite easily at home.  It'll good for her brain to get a workout.  Back to school tomorrow for Jacob, which is also nice.  That leaves me my two morning a week with only one kiddo.  {{sigh...}}  :)

This past week, I made two different crafts that I would like to share with you!

A few friends and I are running The Color Run in Phoenix at the end of January.  It's going to be so fun!  It's a non-competitive race and only a 5k, which is easy peasy.  It's more for the fun of it.  And....what's more fun to wear during a fun race than a tutu?!?!  So my friend Courtney with "What's Up With the Wilhelm's" and her sister Breanne and I spent all of Friday in tutu-ville!  We made 7 total.  It was quite easy but a bit time consuming to make.  We ended up buying tulle by the yard since it was considerably cheaper than the rolls of it.  The idea of The Color Run is to wear all white since you get sprayed with color as you run.  We made an almost all white tutu, but put a few splashes of color, to spice it up :)
We had LOTS extra (our collective math skills appeared to fail us at the fabric counter at Joann's) so I plan on making two for my girls.  Obviously I will make the waist smaller and length of the tulle shorter for them.

I was going to give you a tutorial on how to make these adorable gems, but Courtney did an awesome one on her blog, so now I don't have to!! 

If you want to see how we made these, check out her blog here:

Adorable, eh???  We think so and cannot WAIT to rock these while we run!

The second craft I made is...wait for it....another wreath!!  Surprised??  I know, what a shocker ;)  I just love these and have been excited to work on seasonal ones to hang up during different times of the year or for certain holidays.

Since I had to put my beautiful Christmas wreath away, I NEEDED to make another one asap!  I decided to make a wintry one that can hang up for the next month or so.  Soon I can make one for St. Patty's, Easter and spring.  I'm not a fan of Valentine's day so I'll probably skip that holiday!

Here's my BEAUTIFUL winter wreath!

I love it!  I chose sparkly white yarn with a light gray.  I used some white bulbs in the background and then glued some snowflake ornaments on it.  I also made three mum felt flowers for the top.  Very pretty! 

I hope you enjoyed my crafts!  Happy Monday all!


Courtney said...

I decided yesterday that the candy cane inspired wreath you made me is now a Valentines Day inspired wreath and therefore is staying up through February. I love it too much to put it away just yet. Love this winter one too!

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