Friday, January 11, 2013

Fitness Friday- a treadmill workout

So I've been wanting to do a fitness-themed day on my blog for awhile as a way to share some knowledge and also give me an added reason to force me to workout :)  So here's the first installment: Welcome to Fitness Friday!

Working out can be fun.  Eating healthy is fun.  Working out and eating healthy isn't as fun when you are trying to lose weight.  It adds an extra layer of stress and knowing you HAVE to do it makes me not want to do it :).  I have some personal fitness and weight-loss goals I am working on right now.  I would like to run 1,000 miles this year and also lose 10 lbs.  I don't, however, want to not each a bunch of yummy stuff or not have some wine at night, SO it's all about balance and moderation.  I used to be a terrible snacker at night, after the kids went to bed.  Not sweets, but salty stuff like crackers and chips.  Yum!  The past few weeks I haven't done that, which has been great!  I haven't been counting my calories, just because I hate it so much.  I know it's a good thing to do.  I've lost almost 3 lbs in the last 3 weeks, so I'm happy with that. If that starts to change, then I will probably start counting again for awhile.

I am a runner, as you all know.  That's my primary source of exercise and I really enjoy doing it.  With less daylight hours and a hubby that's at work so much, I will sometimes use the treadmill.  Since I am training for the tough mudder in February, I am also doing some weighted cross-training workouts 2x a week, in addition to the 4 days I am running. This is the second week of my training schedule and it's working out well so far.  I can't always stick to the same days each week, like my long run for example, because of Mr. Pea's work schedule.  One day is a long run, where I increase my distance by a 1/2 mile or a mile, two are shorter runs with varying depending on the week (between 3-6 miles) and one "training run" which is usually interval training on the treadmill.

Tonight is treadmill night since David won't be home in time for me to run outside.  Treadmill workouts can be boorrriinng so it's nice to spice it up by doing speed intervals.  I don't normally run for distance on the treadmill, just time.  Tonight I will be doing 30 min.  This is a fairly standard interval treadmill: warm up, run fast, recover, repeat.  I will do all of this on a #2 incline, just because I am not in the mood for hills today :)

0-5 minutes: 3.5 (warm up)
5-10 minutes: 4.5
10-12 minutes: 6
12-14 minutes: 3.5
14-16 minutes: 6.3
16-18 minutes: 3.5
18-20 minutes: 6.5
20-22 minutes: 3.5
22-24 minutes: 6.7
24-26 minutes: 3.5
26-28 minutes: 7
28-30 minutes: 3 (cool down)

If I feel so inspired, I may bump it to 35 minutes because I would like to do 3 miles.  We will see though :)

This is also a good thing to remember too for all us mama's out there :)
                                                                    Happy running!


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