Friday, January 4, 2013

The worst sleepover in history

Abigail has been BEGGING to sleep over her Nanni's house.  She's done it before and loves every minute of it.  So, since Christmas break was almost done, we made arrangements for her to sleepover.  After sledding and playing in the snow all day, the kids were wiped out.  We bring her over and stay to hang out for a bit, the whole time her telling us to leave.  We say our goodbyes and head home, get the other two fed and bathed.  Not wanting them to feel left out (mistake #1), I suggest that Jacob should "sleepover" with Hannah and sleep on the floor. They are very excited and I get Jacob's floor bed all comfy.  Now, Hannah wants to sleep with Jacob, so I reluctantly say ok (mistake #2).  I make MORE floor bed and get them all settled.  After a quick Skype session with Abigail, I tuck them into the floor bed and say they can have 10 minutes to talk and then bed.

Yeah right.

After 45 minutes of them messing around I am getting VERY frustrated.  Then the phone rings.  Abby wants to come home.  WHAT?!?  UGGG!  Feeling bad for Nanni to drive all the way to our house, I tell David to go meet her half way, and he reluctantly puts his beer in the fridge, while I get a wine refill.

While he is gone, I tell pea #2 and #3 that Abby is coming home and it's time to go to SLEEP.  Now Hannah wants to have Abby sleep WITH them on the floor, and I say "no way!" (FINALLY a good decision by me).  After he is home, I get now exhausted Abby in her pj's and tell the other two that the next time someone comes out the sleepover is OVER.  Abby crawls into bed.  Jake begs to stay.  Fine, one more shot.  5 minutes later, now exhausted Hannah comes on crying that SHE wants to go in her bed.  FINE.  Tuck her in and Jake begs to stay.  Last chance I say. (I'm pretty sure I said "last chance like 10 chances ago, but who is counting??)  7 minutes later, Jacob comes out and wants to go in his bed.  OMG!  Fine, I grab all the crap out of the girls room, while those two are already asleep, tuck him into his bed and say GOOD NIGHT! for the last time.

"Well THAT was an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back!" I said.  To which Mr. Pea replies, "You're no fun!".  I would like to give him a punch, but I resist...

Now, did they sleep in today since they were super exhausted and were up an hour and a half later?!?!?!?!


They were up at normal time and were total nightmares all day!  To say the least, they will be in bed asap so I can attempt to recoup some of that lost time from last night.



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