Friday, January 18, 2013

fitness friday- a new app! {get sworky!}

Feeling lazy??  Don't really feel like doing a workout, but know you must do SOMETHING??  I have just the app for you :)

I discovered the Sworkit app: fun name and equally as fun to use.  It's free, unless you want to upgrade to the Pro version.  I have no clue what's better about the Pro and never will because I am too cheap to pay for it.

This app gives you set of exercises you to for 30 seconds each.  You begin by choosing "strength" or "yoga and stretching".  Then you choose the desired section you would like to focus on and how long you would like to work out and press start.

The robotic lady will tell you what to do and if you are unsure of what a particular move it, each has a video link that you can watch and see how to do it.  It's very easy to use.

I tried it a few times and it's a decent little workout.  There's no weights required and I did bust out a little sweat.  Now, it's no replacement for running a 6-miler outside or doing a massive weight set, BUT if you are short on time and want to do something quick, this is a nice option.  Plus, you could facebook "sworking it" as a status and it will sound awesome.

This will be my last post until Tuesday because I am off to Vegas with my Wives Club!  Have no fear, though, because I have lots of hilarious stories upcoming and also, I'm sure, many more fitness days because I will have many, many calories to burn when I get back :)

Happy sworking!! :)


Stephanie Wolfe said...

hey girlie saw your comment on about our Happies and Crappies link up! you can join us every friday at my blog ( to get the Happies and Crappies blog button for your post and link your post up! hope you'll join!

Michelle Thomas said...

Thank you Stephanie!! I will be linking up later! I am excited :)

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