Friday, October 5, 2012

Fabric silhouette art work

So, this will be the first of three blogs about re-doing my girl's room.  Hannah and Abby are upgrading to some bunk beds, which they are both super excited about!  This will also free up some much needed space in their room.  I decided to make some new art work for their room as well. This project was simple and will look very pretty in their room.  It has lots of options as well, depending on the type of fabric and silhouette you choose.  It would look equally as nice in a boys room, just with a different theme!

Here's what you will need:
frame, I choose a 12x12 white frame
two fabrics, one with a simpler pattern or no pattern, one will need to be as large as your frame
silhouette outline patterns *see below
glue gun

So Abby is super into dogs right now so I knew she would like a dog picture and Hannah wanted a cat so obviously we went animal themed.  To make these, I googled "dog silhouette" and then free hand copied it.  I was going to print one but the ones I liked were all black and I didn't want to waste my precious printer ink.  I drew them and then cut them out.  After, I ironed the fabric a bit to get the folds out of it and then cut the busier pattered fabric to fit my whole frame.  I glued it to the back of the picture that comes in the frame for some stability.  Next, I traced the animal to the back of the fabric with the simpler pattern and the cut it out.  I glued it on the fabric and then put it in the frame!  Very easy!  You could reverse this and do a simpler or solid pattern in back and busy pattern in front as well for a different look.  Now, one note...after I glued it on, I noticed that since my background fabric was so busy, you can slightly see it through the front fabric.  I'm ok with it but if I had realized that would happen, I may have doubled the thickness of the front pattern, so keep that in mind.
Here's the finished product:
Hannah's kitty
Abby's doggy
I'm excited to hang then up tomorrow!  Tomorrow I will blog about another art project I am going to work on now :)
Happy crafting!


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