Saturday, October 13, 2012

Felt flower headband for your little ladies

I have been promising Abby that she could help me with a craft and this was one I have been wanting to try out so I figured this would be a good one for her.  I think this headband turned out way cute and will be making more soon experimenting with different flowers!  Earlier I had given tutorials of different felt flowers, so if you need a refresher, scroll down!  Abby wanted to make the felt mum so that's what we did.

For this project, you will need:
headband, any type you wish
hot glue
As a quick reminder, cut the felt in a long strip, fold in half and hot glue it closed.  Using your scissors, cut along the non-glued fold, then roll it closed, gluing down as you go.
Abby made this flower all by herself so it's sticking up a bit more than I would've done, but this was her project, so I will have to let it slide :)  After you make your flower, cut a small circle, large enough to cover the base of the flower.
Glue the circle under the headband where ever you want the flower to be.  Then hot glue the flower on top of the headband. Note: please disregard my old hand. Ha!
Voila!  Very cute!  She was so proud :)  I'm sure you can see what I mean about the flower "sticking up".  It still looks very cute, but when I do more, I will be sure to roll it straight so the bottom is very flat.
I think these will be on my Christmas gift list to make for my daughters and nieces. :)
Happy crafting!!


Courtney said...

I love the new fall theme :) I also love you and Abby crafting together!

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