Friday, October 12, 2012

Why I run

I am about a week away from my second half marathon.  I feel pretty good about it.  Part of me is looking forward to it being over because it's hard to find the time with David's schedule to run the long distance runs. I am up to 11 miles.  This week I'll up that a bit more, probably to 12, but that'll be it before the big race.  Once you run 11-12 miles, 13.1 isn't really that much farther.  Plus, the  adrenaline of race day will help to carry you though it.  If you are an inspired runner, I definitely suggest signing yourself for a race.  Maybe not a half martahon, but at least a 5 or 7k.  It gives you something to train for, a purpose to run.  It's also a cool feeling, all of those other runners around you, all that adrenaline pumping.  You also usually get a free shirt!!  As I train, I frequently think about WHY I run.  I wanted to share my reasons with you now, and they are probably not all what you think ;) Please note, these are in no particular order...
1. I run to stay thin.  I seriously wish there was some healthy and safe miracle pill that would make me lose 10 pounds and keep it off, but, alas, there is not.  So until some awesome scientist invents one, the really only way to stay thin is to eat right and work out.  As for eating right, I just try not to stuff my face with crap everyday.  And for exercise, there's nothing that burns more calories than a long run.
2. I run to get a break from my kids.  Ok, I said it!  I love my peas but often they make me batty.  Especially staying home, it's more often then not, just me and them and that alone is enough to make  a mama nuts!
3. I run to listen to my music loud.  Enough said.
4. I run to get better legs.  As I get older, my metabolism gets crappier and so do my legs.  So I run to try and combat that.
5. I run to train.  I am lazy.  Shocker, I know!  If I had the choice, I'd always pick the couch.  I just so rarely get to!  So that's another reason why I sign up for races  because it helps to keep me motivated. Otherwise the couch would probably win. 
6. I run to be healthy.  I don't want breast cancer.  I REALLY don't want it.  As most of you know, my mom passed of stage 4 breast cancer this past March.  She wasn't the most healthy person.  Smoked, didn't really exercise.  She was always blessed with "thin" genes though.  She may not have been healthy, but she always looked it.  She was first diagnosed in 2003 when I was in college.  It was awful, especially me being in AZ and her al the way in MA.  It sucked, big time.  But she fought it and went into remission.  My mom was nothing short of a fighter.  I know that I am awesome as I am today because of her, there's no doubt. Her best traits were passed down to me.  This past November, she got sick again.  Thankfully I went home for a good friend's wedding.  This was the last time I would see my mom like how I will always remember.  She was Mimi.  December we found out the cancer was back. March she was gone.  Just like that.  Fast.  It is the worst thing ever.  Still is.  These feels make me run. I'm 31 years old.  My sister, brother and I shouldve had 30 more years with her.  She was only 54.  I will always do anything in my power for my babies not to have to go though what I am.  So I run.
7. I run to be with my mom.  I know, sounds weird.  When I run, it's truly the only time in my day that I am not thinking about what else I have to do, who needs what, what's for dinner, what chores need to be done.  I don't think.  I just jam to my songs and I run.  It's when I do this, I feel like my mom is most with me.  Especially when I run really early and see the sunrise behind the mountains.  It always reminds me of her.  She, unlike me, LOVED it here.  Those dang mountains will always remind me of her.  I miss her every second of every day.  Running helps me to clear my mind and just be.  Which, as a mom of three, is quite hard to do.
I added hot pink laces for my mama this month.  Helps to keep me focused.
This is my very favorite picture of my mom and us.  It reminds me of me.  This what I do every day.  We were the same, her and I.
This is why I run.  So that I can carry on her legacy, continue to be a great mom like her.  To jam to my songs, to have great legs, to be healthy, not to get cancer.  What every your reason is, just do it.  Run.


Courtney said...

Love this post. You're Momma would be proud of you. I run so that I can eat dessert ;) And too clear my head, nothing calms me down like a nice long run. But mostly I run for dessert.

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